Words Cannot Express

How insane my life has been in the past few days!

Living in a hotel for the past month and a half has gotten to the best of me.  I am so excited, yet terrified of football season starting this weekend.  I love it, our lives revolve around it, BUT to survive football season (as an adult, living out of state) your life needs to be in 100% order come kick off.  Well, my life is in 100% disarray right now-ha!

We interrupt this life to bring you football season!

Miss Molly my beagle baby had an incident last week.  On Thursday evening as we were walking to our hotel room she had a stroke/seizure/cardiac event.  It was so hard for me to pick up her limp shaking body and rush her to the emergency vet.  I had no idea what happened and couldn't get her help fast enough.  The worst feeling was being all alone as Josh was sitting in the Boston airport when this all took place.  Luckily, Miss Molly is on the mend, but my new bedroom furniture will have to be put on hold for a few months as we spent a few unexpected G's on her the past few days.

I'm also ramping up my volunteer work with my two (hope this wasn't a mistake) placements with Junior League this year, an advisor to the Phi Mu Chapter at American University (YAY-LOVE IT), and continuing to work with my sororities alumnae group in the area.  Mix all this with three upcoming weddings and I don't have a free weekend until December 11th.

Hoping to move back into our house sometime next week-the movers are tentatively set to bring everything back in starting the 9th.  Ya know, moving in the middle of the week, while working full time and a totally booked weekend looming-it's what all the cool kids do really.

I'm doing my best to keep my sanity as I figure out how to see all my friends and family, host a baby shower and have one of the worlds greatest morning tailgates this weekend-oh yes and cheering my Gators onto Victory!


katy said...
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katy said...

Oh my goodness you have so much going on! Good luck getting it all done--I'm sure it will all fall into place and you will have fun in the meantime! I resigned from the Jr Lg this year and am a little sad about it--loved loved loved it in SC, but didn't really feel the same way here. So fun to hear about others loving it though! Happy Football this wknd!

Kristin said...

Hope Molly is okay!! Your life sounds like mine: JL, Gator Football, Sorority Advisor :)
p.s. I'm stealing your sticker pic!


Janna said...

You are one busy lady!

Cannot wait for football season! My family is all going to this week's game, but we had prior commitments with B's boss and a football party she is having at their house!

But the USF/UF game, we cannot wait to be in the Swamp!

Go Gators!

Suzie Homemaker said...

So sorry to hear about Molly, but happy to hear she is on the mend. If anyone can handle your upcoming events, you can! At least you get to move back into your house- YAY!!