Cheering on the Gators

Gator Football is a big deal for us.  We met going to a game, we re-met eight years later at various post-game activities in various SEC cities.  Needless to say going to Gator Games together is one of our favorite activities.  Although we had big plans for this season, due to weddings and the Great Thompson Flood of 2010, we quickly realized that we would only be visiting the Swamp and tailgating in Gainesville once this season.  Needless to say we were going to make it count.

Tailgating Thompson style takes a little bit of pre-planning.  We leave coolers and other game-day gear at our secondary headquarters, Josh's parent's house.  Josh also coordinated to have our needed supplies delivered to their house for easy pick-up.  This year that included special order grits and tickets to the game (two VERY important things).  If you've ever had Georgia Ice Cream, then you would agree.  If you haven't then you need to and fast!

Now, we needed to focus on the rest of our supplies.  Which also entails a trip to our favorite store Publix, gosh I love and miss that place.  So on our flight down I made our list and checked it twice.

So after a brief stop, and an overflowing shopping cart we were ready for Cheese Grits and Egg Sandwiches pre-game, and Cheese Steaks for the post game tailgate.

Josh cooked up a storm by 9 am.

The beautiful sights of early morning tailgating.
And don't start to think for a second that we aren't set up with Bloody Mary's in hand by 8:30 am every game day in Gainesville whether the game is at noon or 8 pm.  We get there as soon as the RV lot opens and let the good times roll.

Sadly with the early kick-off, it made it difficult for me to tailgate hop.  Luckily, my friends had a parking pass in the same lot, making it much easier to meet up with the besties!
Game Time, nothing like it I tell ya!

Walking to the game my dad did make the comment that he could tell I'd been gone for the past two years because we were actually able to walk to the game with out stopping 200+ times to say hello or talk to a friend of mine.  That kind of made me sad, guess I've lost my title of Honorary Mayor of Gainesville.
We had a great time at the game, so glad to be able to spend time with my #1 gator girlfriend.  We've been going to games together for the past 13 years-wow.  I do have to say I much prefer sitting in her seats now in the shade and air conditioning of Touchdown Terrace than with the sun blaring down on us with no room to move in our block in the student section!  But I wouldn't trade those days of Lemon Ices for anything, well maybe a TT cookie or two. 
The post game tailgate.  Part of the crowd due to Josh's famed Cheese Steaks the other part due to tailgating with the quarterbacks parents.  I'll leave it up to you to decide which drew the larger crowd JT or JB - ha!

We topped the day off wishing Robey at happy 21st with the largest sheet cake I've ever seen.  By then soaring temps pushed me to the sidelines and I was ready for some AC and H20!  Josh did tell me he knew I was officially old when I wanted to be home and in bed before 10 pm on a game day. 

It's true, although I may not recognize as many friendly faces as I walk to the stadium and may want to turn in when the post game party is just getting started.  I still love my Gators and all the wonderful friends, family and memories this team has brought me.


Ashley said...

I totally know how you feel! I've been a Gator my whole life and being away from Florida in the fall is so hard! It's amazing what a huge part of our lives the Gators and UF is. Some of my best memories have been in Gainesville! I'll be seeing the Gators play this weekend in Knoxville. Are y'all making the trip over to TN? I'll be down to the Swamp in October too. Glad you got to tailgate with JB's parents! I've never met them but being from Jacksonville I've met the Tebows a ton! Thanks for sharing your pictures and GO GATORS!!

Virginia Belle said...

Y'all really know how to throw a tailgate and the food sounds amazing. Looks like a great time! Your dress is absolutely perfect by the way!

Kelsey Claire said...

I want to come to one of your tailgates. Looks like a great party. Love all the pics!

Screen Door Prep said...

Go Gators! Love the Gators! (Though I went to a private college in Ohio, I've been a Gator football fan since I was a kid & met Wuerffel...still root for the Gators over anybody else in any conference, though I have done the majority of my tailgating at UofA, so I do have some crimson&houndstooth in my wardrobe - NEVER on AL v. FL gameday, though! We are a house divided!) Love the post! Love tailgating! Aaa...so jealous! =)

Amber said...

Looks like you guys know how to tailgate in style. :) Great post and LOVE your dress!!!