You Know What's Awesome?

When you walk in your house to see that the tile you selected for each of your three bathrooms has been installed into the wrong bathroom.  Not to mention the patterns that they were to be laid in completely ignored, but the tile for the guest bath in the powder room, guest bath tile in the master bath, master bath tile in the guest bath.

It usually results in a warm fuzzy feeling all over your body.

It's also awesome when after you fall asleep during the South Carolina, Southern Miss game, your husband decides to pack for himself for the weekend.

And packs his favorite Gator polo that is developing a nice size hole in the middle of the chest, that you were meaning to hide so he couldn't pack it/wear it.  When asked nicely to pack a different polo, he tells you he is a tailgator, and only cares how the burgers get to the grill, how long the fries are in the hot oil and if the grits get enough cheese.  Not what he wears to the game.


Janna said...

oh goodness! Hope the tiles get all worked out!

And your hubby sounds like my fiance! He'll show me what he's wearing to a game and I'll ask him if he wants to wear such and such- and his response is always the same!

DSS said...

Uh oh. That doesn't sound good at all!!! I hope they are going to correct it?

And your little tailgator could not be any more presh :) So excited for football to start up here!!!!

Belle on Heels said...

poor thing! you have a MUCH better attitude about all this mess than i would :)

VA Gal said...

Oh no! I hope the builder gets that little mess straightened out.

Kristin said...

Not fun! I guess the game didn't help either :)


Anonymous said...

That is just hilarious - Andy would be about the same, but his would be a UGA shirt and his only concern would be an unlimited supply of beer :)