Is It Friday Already?

Oh my how this week has flown-by.  I have to excuse myself because I have been knee-deep in boxes all week. 

I'm talking 6-midnight every night of unpacking, organizing and cleaning.  I am so proud of the progress I've made.  To tell the truth, I wouldn't have been as motivated and maybe would have been able to spend some quality time with my DVR and big screen TV for premier week, but my in-laws arrive this afternoon.  I wanted everything to be in tip-top shape for their visit. 

I'm looking forward to a wonderful weekend with family as we celebrate the union of Josh's cousin Robyn!  Looking forward to the lavish affair and the Viennese dessert table at the reception-yay!

We're hoping to be able to sneak in the second half of the Kentucky game after the rehearsal dinner, as always:

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Southern Fried Gal said...

I love that you set a goal and hours to work toward your goal. We could all follow your lead to knock project around our home!

It's fun finding another gal that is fanatical about college football!

Have a great week!