Adventures with Molly

In the competitive field of professional sleeping, our beagle blew out her acl. She must of jumped off one too many super fluffy beds, the risks she takes to be the elite of her sport.

Molly is spending Monday and Tuesday nights at the vet pre and post op, and will be getting fixed up Tuesday morning. I hope she has lots of good doggie dreams while under sedation, and comes home ready to tackle rehab so we can get her right back into competition!

For the time being I miss my little partner in crime, and can't wait for her to get back to sleeping at the foot of our bed.

Lots of Love,



Silver Linings

It's been a long hard week.

I was looking forward to my second trimester to bring some relief of the exhaustion and sickness, it has multiplied 10 fold. I'm so lucky to have the support of my husband as I have been able to stay home and focus on having a healthy pregnancy.  I really thought I would be able to power through, but carrying our child is teaching me many lessons in sacrifice, and in-turn helping me prepare for what is to come.

Our trip to Seattle last week was great, and to see friends who I don't see nearly enough and to be there for the marriage of one of those friend was well worth the trip across the country. 

It's hard learning to deal with not being able to do half a quarter of the things I'm used to, but I'm doing it - with a smile most of the time. 

Needless to say the travel and a busier itinerary than I'm used to these days set me back, but the real set back came with a call from Josh earlier this week.  After the wedding he flew to San Diego for a business trip, while I flew back home to DC. 

Since he was on the west coast, I was surprised to receive an early morning call from him and even more surprised with the news he had to share.  I could tell by his tone it wasn't good, but nothing could have prepared me for the shock and disbelief when he told me his second cousin's newborn had passed away.  We had just celebrated Hayden Lee's birth last week, and were amazed at how beautiful their family pictures were just hours after he was born.  Loosing him at five days old is such a tradegy. 

I am beyond heart broken.  Heart broken he is gone, heart broken for his wonderful parents Robyn and David, heart broken that anyone especially someone I love has to face this. 

It's been a tear-filled and prayer-filled week.  I pray that as friends and family we can give Robyn and David the love and support they need to survive this, and that where we fall short God can carry them through this tragedy.


Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along: 11 Weeks, very excited to wrap up the first trimester this week!

Size of baby: Baby Thompson is the size of a lime

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Down about 10 pounds from first appointment, they told me I could only gain 15 pounds, does this mean I now get 10 flex pounds? I hope so!

Maternity Clothes: I have started scouting out clothes for down the road that will keep growing with me.

Gender: Still deciding if we are going to find out, but I think I'm going to want to know. We think doing a gender reveal with our parents when we are home for holidays would be fun.

Movement: I didn't know that little baby was already moving and groovin in there. We got a big surprise with a bonus sonogram at our OB appointment yesterday, and that little baby was waving it's arms and moving all around, it was super cool!

Sleep: R and R are my main priorities these days. It's so nice to get a good nights sleep and take a nap whenever I like. I'm sooo lucky for that!

What I miss: Energy and not feeling sick!

Cravings: Still in survival mode. Making and eating healthy food, just not keeping anything substantial down.

Symptoms: Do my best to get through the morning sickness, hoping the second trimester brings all the good things I've been holding out for!

Best Moment: seeing that little girl or guy wave it's arms at us during our bonus ultrasound. Getting a prescription for Zofran, although it hasn't really worked for me yet.


Location:Access Rd,Chicago,United States

Pin It!

FYI, Pinterest is the MOST amazing website on the face of the planet.  A few months ago a good friend told me about it, and I told her, I already can't keep up with facebook and my blog, I don't need something else sucking all my time on internet.  Well now that I don't have a pesky job keeping me from surfing the internet all day, I am pinning up a storm.  And it is GLORIOUS! 

I have pinned close to 100 nursery inspiration pics

Source: houzz.com via Sarah on Pinterest

The quote that used to describe my life

a little more like it these days

The best part is, you can pin for 5 minutes or 5 hours, on your iphone or on your desktop, totally up to you.  Don't be silly like me and wait to start pinning your little heart away. 
Come be my friend and pin along!! 


Destination Dijor

Later this week we are off to the very fine state of Washington for the wedding of one of my finest friends!  We had originally planned a week long trip with extended family, etc.  Although cleared before accepting my job offer, it wasn't really going to workout with my at the time very demanding position.  So Josh and I whittled down our time away, but I am still looking forward to taking in all the sites and activities Seattle and Washington Wine country have to offer.

In my planning I would like to include at visit to Pike's Place Market

Where I plan to spend some quality time at Beecher's Cheese

Then of course to the original Starbucks across the street

Perhaps a tour of underground Seattle, followed by a trip to Waterfall Gardens

And what better way to end a tourists dream day, but with dinner at the Space Needle, don't worry I've already made reservations-ha!
I love being a tourist everywhere I go, even in my hometown of DC.


An End of an Era

In doing my best to motivate Josh to go to the Farmer's Market with me on Saturday morning, I told him we only have about 20 more weekends of our life to be able to do this!  Let's get out of bed and go! 

I was later informed by one of my best friends husband that we in fact only have about 20 more weekends to sleep in.  Sooner than we know it, we will have done more on Saturday and Sunday by 11 am than we used to in the whole weekend, having kids means no more sleeping in-ha!

Well, I'm still glad we went to the Farmers Market down the street in beautiful "downtown" Falls Church. For some reason, that I do not approve of dogs are not allowed at the Farmers Market.  Much to Josh's opposition (he is a big rule follower), I put Molly in a huge LLBean tote and carried her around with her little head poking out of the top-she LOVED it!

My mission at the Farmers Market was two fold.  Stock up on some fresh tomatoes (tomato sandwiches are my mainstay survival food right now), and a get a savory crepe.  Mission accomplished!

Josh picked up some sweet hot pickles and an eggplant to round out our trip.

Later in the afternoon, we went out to our friend Jen and John's house.  The boys went to the driving range while Jack took his afternoon nap, then we all headed downtown for the DC Gator Club's night with the Nationals.  It was so fun!
Of course we only made it to the fourth inning-way past a two-year-old's (and two preggo's) bed time.  The funny part is he fared much better on the metro ride home than I did-ha!

Hope y'all had a great weekend, too!


Getting There

Remember that trip I was so excited to go on?  To, where was it?? Oh, Greece, that's right.

Well life came at me so fast and furious upon our arrival home and immediate results of a positive pregnancy test.  That I still, more than a month later haven't even glanced at the thousands of pictures we took there.  But, I plan to solve that, and share pictures with family and friends now that I have a little free time.

As a result of Josh's extensive travels and airline status, we had an abundance of frequent filer miles to cash in on our dream vacation.  Cash in is exactly what we did, and were able to fly business class on Lufthansa, which was a real treat.  I don't know all the exact differences between business and first class, but I do know I had a complementary drink in my had at all times, fantastic food from a gourmet menu, my own personal TV with more channels and movies than I could watch if we flew around the world a few times, and a seat that let me recline, lounge and even lay flat when I was ready to snooze.  It was really all a girl could ask for.

We began our trip in the Air France lounge (Lufthansa Senator's Lounge was being remodeled).  But I was A-okay with that because it meant I got to toast Oprah with real French Campaign as I watched her last show.

We quickly boarded and got settled, after a few movies a brilliant dinner, and a good night's sleep.  It was time for the next main event, breakfast-ha!

This is where I found a new favorite combo of croissants, nutella, coffee and the Golden Girls while flying over England.  What can I say?  Estell, Blanch, Dorthy and Rose are perfectly complemented by a chocolaty hazelnut spread.

On this leg, we connected to Athens via Munich.

We decided when in Germany...
Never mind it was 9 am there and 4 am back in the states, the Lowenbrau was flowing in the Senators Lounge, and we felt it was our duty to partake.


10 Weeks!

Have you ever seen such a proud papa? 

I'm pretty darn excited to have a baby on the way, but Josh??  He is on Cloud 9!  Between him and all the excited grandparents, I just don't know what to do with myself!

Every week, I going to do my best to share our pregnancy highlights.  With my recent (as in today) career change to Stay at Home "Mom," hopefully I'll have the time to stay current.  The SAHM gig is just temporary as a 100+ hour work week didn't pair well with morning/all day sickness and pregnancy fatigue.  After I get a little caught up on my neglected personal and volunteer life, I do plan to rejoin the workforce, but in a calmer, 9-5 type role.

Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along: 10 Weeks.  Really?  It feels a LOT longer!

Size of baby: Baby Thompson is the size of a kumquat

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Oh gee, with how sick I am, I sure think I have lost.  Guess we'll find out at our doctor appointment next week.

Maternity Clothes: I have started scouting out clothes for down the road, right now I am totally fine in my regular clothes.

Gender: The big debate, to find out or not.  Josh says no, I haven't made up my mind yet!

Movement:  Other than the twinges in my side, nothing yet. 

Sleep: If only I didn't have to make so many trip to the bathroom throughout the night, I'd be sleeping like a champ!
What I miss: Not being sick all the time, energy, coffee, and being able to have a glass of wine on the back porch at night.

Cravings: I'm in total survival mode here and what has helped me survive?  Potato Chips and Chicken Nuggets. I also discovered sour candy somehow wards off the nausea, I try and keep some lemon heads and sour patch kids at arms length.  Last night I had a scoup of green apple sherbert, which was great!
I was eating more fruits and veggies than you could shake a stick at before the morning/all day sickness got me.  And BOY it got me good, I will add back more nutritious foods when I actually stand a chance of holding it down long enough to digest it.

Symptoms: The pre-mentioned morning/all day sickness, very tired, upgraded bra's.  If it's a symptom at this stage in the game, I have it-ha!

Best Moment: Our first ultrasound a few weeks ago.  Holding Josh's hand while seeing that heart beat for the first time.  Most joyful, exciting and scary moment of my life!


The Fourth

Hope y'all had a great fourth!

Our growing family did!

Lots of Love,

Sarah Beth, Josh, Baby Thompson and Molly (who is ver excited to be a big sister)!