10 Weeks!

Have you ever seen such a proud papa? 

I'm pretty darn excited to have a baby on the way, but Josh??  He is on Cloud 9!  Between him and all the excited grandparents, I just don't know what to do with myself!

Every week, I going to do my best to share our pregnancy highlights.  With my recent (as in today) career change to Stay at Home "Mom," hopefully I'll have the time to stay current.  The SAHM gig is just temporary as a 100+ hour work week didn't pair well with morning/all day sickness and pregnancy fatigue.  After I get a little caught up on my neglected personal and volunteer life, I do plan to rejoin the workforce, but in a calmer, 9-5 type role.

Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along: 10 Weeks.  Really?  It feels a LOT longer!

Size of baby: Baby Thompson is the size of a kumquat

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Oh gee, with how sick I am, I sure think I have lost.  Guess we'll find out at our doctor appointment next week.

Maternity Clothes: I have started scouting out clothes for down the road, right now I am totally fine in my regular clothes.

Gender: The big debate, to find out or not.  Josh says no, I haven't made up my mind yet!

Movement:  Other than the twinges in my side, nothing yet. 

Sleep: If only I didn't have to make so many trip to the bathroom throughout the night, I'd be sleeping like a champ!
What I miss: Not being sick all the time, energy, coffee, and being able to have a glass of wine on the back porch at night.

Cravings: I'm in total survival mode here and what has helped me survive?  Potato Chips and Chicken Nuggets. I also discovered sour candy somehow wards off the nausea, I try and keep some lemon heads and sour patch kids at arms length.  Last night I had a scoup of green apple sherbert, which was great!
I was eating more fruits and veggies than you could shake a stick at before the morning/all day sickness got me.  And BOY it got me good, I will add back more nutritious foods when I actually stand a chance of holding it down long enough to digest it.

Symptoms: The pre-mentioned morning/all day sickness, very tired, upgraded bra's.  If it's a symptom at this stage in the game, I have it-ha!

Best Moment: Our first ultrasound a few weeks ago.  Holding Josh's hand while seeing that heart beat for the first time.  Most joyful, exciting and scary moment of my life!


Beck said...

How wonderful! Not about the sickness, but all the exciting firsts to come! Congrats again!

Alana said...

I am just so over the moon excited for you and Josh!! :)

Alyson said...

Congrats!! What an incredible time for both of you. Hoping you feel better as you approach the second trimester. In the interim enjoy the SAHM gig. :)
Www.theaveragegirlsguide.com <--- check out the new site (yay!) and be sure to refollow, if interested. Thanks!

The Lasher Family said...

Congrats!!! =)

I Do Declare said...

Congratulations! This is HUGE news!! I am excited to follow along...and not that I have a vote at ALL in your decision, but if I did...I would say DONT find out - I love the suprirse when the couple, friends + family are waiting down to the minute!

katy said...

Congratulations!!! Sorry you're so sick but for su h a great reason!! Love the pic of Josh and the pics!!
Can't wait to read along! When are you due?!

katy said...

Congratulations!!! Sorry you're so sick but for su h a great reason!! Love the pic of Josh and the pics!!
Can't wait to read along! When are you due?!

Anonymous said...

So exciting! I had seen a ton of nursery pins on pinterest & wondered. I was terribly sick too with both boys & found saltines & ginger snap cookies helped big time. I am beyond happy & excited for you.

Vynuss said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! What an exciting time of your lives! Hope the morning sickness goes away for you soon! Can't wait to read all the preggo updates. :) XOXO- Vy