Florida Georgia

It was a great trip down, North Carolina BBQ and a dinner stop in Hilton Head can't ask for much more. Oh yes and baby name discussions...

We spent the morning working. Josh on conference calls and me on Junior League and advising stuff. Then a major stock up at super Walmart, man do I miss those!! The RV is set up and baby T and I are manning the bar, mandating that everyone drink double for us!

We're parked next to the quarterbacks parents, and very grateful he is starting on Saturday!

Speaking of quarterbacks, I Hotty Toddyed a fellow in an Ole Miss shirt at Walmart. Which some how lead to a conversation about Tim Tebow, our loss to Ole Miss a few years back the spurred a National Championship, and his fantastic game with the Broncos on Sunday.

Now I'm hearing of this fad taking over planking, called Tebowing, and I couldn't be more excited.
1) Kneel anywhere.
2) Put your elbow on your knee.
3) Put your fist or forearm on your forehead.
4) Have someone take your photo.
5) Post the photo on the Internet

Timmy Tebow Thompson has a nice ring to it, right?

Lots of Love,



Ring My Bell

or chime in this case...

At church this morning, the handbell choir debuted their new hand chimes, and boy was it beautiful!  It set the stage for an amazing sermon on Discipleship, and growing.  Over the next few weeks our pastor is going to go more indepth on four categories of discipleship: Contemplation, Character, Calling and Community.  I put them in that order because that's the order of my weakness to strongest.  I'm sad we'll be driving back from the FL GA game next weekend and I'll miss the message on Contemplation, but will be listening when it gets posted.  In the meantime, I plan to address this area post haste. 

A few weeks ago on Show Us Your Life - Friday the topic was favorite devotionals and bible studies.  From doing a little research, reading various posts, and seeing posts from my blog buddies, I'm planning to order and read the following:

Nine Months to a Miracle: Spiritual Preparation for Moms-to-Be by Mari Hanes


Expecting: Praying for Your Child's Development-Body and Soul by Marla Taviano


Out of the Spin Cycle by Jen Hatmaker 

I've got a pot of my favorite soup, Gingered Squash and Pear, on the stove.  Although it's been a pretty productive weekend, there's still a LOT to do today!  

I just noticed my open back door has let a bee into our house, always an adventure-ha!


Fall Goals

Earlier this week my blog buddies Ashley in Mississippi and Ruth-This GRITS Tale (also in Mississippi) shared their fall goals.  I loved reading theirs, I thought this would be a good time to share mine as well.  The leaves are starting to turn and the air is crisp today, so I'm officially in the mood for Fall!

Outside my Dr.'s office yesterday

View from our back porch this morning.
Some of my goals I've already accomplished!

 1. Get a new fall Candle.  This I can already checked off my list,  for the past few weeks I've been burning Yankee Candles Farmer's Market- I LOVE IT!  I even went all candle burning fancy and bought a wick trimmer.

2. Bake something pumpkin-y I've seen some great recipes for baked pumpkin goods.  My grocery stores have been sold out of canned pumpkin for over a month now.  Yesterday I was finally able to get some, and plan to use the recipe Angela shared for Pumpkin Cranberry Bread

3. Go on a hike to see all the fall leaves.

4.  Head down to Jacksonville for FL GA, gotta cheer on the Gators at least one more time this year.  And according to my husband FL GA kicks off the Holiday Season (and the best tailgating takes place on Wednesday and Thursday) which means we'll be in the RV Lot by Wednesday night-ha!

5. Stay toasty around a bonfire or fire pit.

6.  Go on our babymoon.  Our last get away, to enjoy each others company and be a carry-on only family.  If only I could keep my husband in the country long enough to actually go somewhere with me-ha! 

7.  Hosting a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner for friends and family.  Ohh the menu, shopping and tablescaping.  I can't wait!

8. Speaking of decor, take pictures of my super cute fall decor and share on this blog of mine.  I decorated in time to share with all the fall home tours that started back in September, but somehow never got my camera out to capture my mantle, the wreath I made, our pretty table, and other goodies around here.

9. Speaking of sharing, I have a life changer to share with y'all.  Are you ready??  Pumpkin Spice Marshmallows.  That's right people!  My grocery store didn't have any canned pumpkin, bu they did have these and they are the perfect fall treat.  You just need 2-3 for the perfect taste of fall.

10.  Plant my pansy's.  The ones I planted last year made it through the fall, winter, spring and into summer.  I can wait to have them bursting through snow again this winter.

11.  Black Friday Shopping, I gee I love the deals!

12.  Sit on my backporch and enjoy the leaves, crisp air, my pansy's and a hot cup of tea.

Have y'all seen the cute fall to-do lists on Pinterest?  I think I pinned a few...

Source: etsy.com via Sarah on Pinterest



Well, we have spent more than a few days, weeks, hours getting ready for baby.  And so far we have nothing to show for it-ha!  Well, I take that back, we have some wall decals, a credit card bill and a three page to-do list.  No, I'm not kidding!

The game plan, we are planning to paint the walls a light blue and have a high chair rail with beadboard.  A trip to bengamin moore is on my to-do-list to get samples so we can decide which color to go with.

al la:

Source: houzz.com via Sarah on Pinterest

We have been fans of PBK Petter Rabbit bedding all along, and it's what we are going with. 

I also plan to do bookcases flanking the window in the nursery like the photo above, and have found some ways to make it happen thanks to Pinterest!

Source: bhg.com via Sarah on Pinterest

Source: flickr.com via Sarah on Pinterest

We are doing a taller dresser and putting a blue changing pad on it.  I have looked at Bellini and getting a taller custom dresser built, but along came IKEA will a taller dresser.  This is what we are getting, but with the blue changing pad from PBK!

Source: None via Sarah on Pinterest

We have ordered a white spindle crib

Source: tottini.com via Sarah on Pinterest

And our glider...the most researched and debated item to add to our nursery.  From the get-go, it was my goal to find a glider tall enough for me to rest my head on it.  I mean, that is the point during 3 am feedings, right?  After extreme internet searches, visits to way too many furniture stores, calls about custom orders, we finally decided on the PBK Grand Comfort Glider in Parchment with White Piping.  This is the chair, it will just be solid with white piping:

We have the Peter Rabbit decals from PBK and Josh loads up on Beatrice Potter everytime he is in London.  I'm going to get a good list going for his upcoming trip across the pond. 

I guess we need to decide on a name, so I can figure out some type of name display.  We also have some posters from the author/illustrator who writes all the Florida Gator Children's books to hang. 

Maybe a rug, and will need some lamps.  Oh gee lots of odds and ends to get to.  Where's my list?!?!


What do I do?

My husband and I went to the Zac Brown Band concert this weekend with a bunch of friends.  I had requested we get lawn seats so I could have more room to move around, and thought it would be pretty comfortable.  It was!  We packed a picnic and got there pretty early to secure a good spot.  It couldn't have been a more beautiful day in Virginia, and we had a great time with our friends before the opening acts came on. 

I was chatting with one of my husbands co-workers wives, who has become my friend in the time we have lived here.  She asked me what I did all day, now that I'm not working.  I hadn't really thought about it all that much, just because there is never a dull moment or very much time that I just get to sit still, as I would have thought. I actually feel much busier than I did while working full time.  And there was that 2-3 month time frame where all I could do was lie in bed I was so sick.  I'm sure I go about things at a much slower pace, but between prepping for baby, keep our house, physical therapy for my glorious sciatic pain, the volunteer work I sometimes manage to do, and trying to control my crazy emotions-that's about it. There isn't a single day were I don't have a full calendar of activities, and not a day that I don't seriously want a nap.  Since I am constantly running around town, and not online all that much, I haven't updated my blog that frequently.  Which I'm sure is disappointing many, many people.  Well mostly my mother-in-law (Hi Lynn) and my brother who is deployed and my blog is one of the few sites that isn't blocked from his viewing pleasure in the middle east (Hi Murph).

Honestly I don't think I would have made it if I still had to work.  I feel so overwhelmed with all the changes going on inside me, and all that we need to do to prepare for this little guy.  I've also developed a temper that never existed prior to being pregnant, or maybe since I was a teenage terror.  Ahh, thank you hormones, not only have you made me totally crazy, but also blessed me with adult acne.  I tend to take all my frustrations out on my husband (sorry sweets), and six months in he is just learning not to retaliate.  It took a few too many months to finally realized I am always right-HA!! 


Weekend Edition

The weather the past few days is what makes living in the DC area all year worth it. Sunny in the 60's and 70's is pure heaven!

To make it even better, I got to spend this past weekend with lots of people I love and don't get to see enough (including my husband). Seriously we just hit the 36 hour mark of time together for the month, and yes I'm counting sleep time.

Friday night we picked up friends in quaint Bethesda where I enjoyed some Hagen Daze Carmel ice cream ( not sure there is a better way to start the weekend).

We were up early on Saturday to have breakfast (sausage and cheese biscuits-I will make and share recipe soon) before heading to a friends family funeral. It was a beautiful ceremony, and inspirational to see the love and adoration the family had for their mother and grandmother.

Afterwards, I split ways with Josh and headed to Baltimore for some girl time with my besties! I was asked to bring dips to add to the game watching smorgasbord. I had elaborate plans, but decided to simplify things with a veggie platter, Carmel dip with apples, my friends simple taco dip and spinach dip. Did you notice the presence of fruits and veggies with all dips? I'm a health nut I tell ya! I had a great time with my friends, which took a bit of the sting LSU handed us, off. After the game, they pub crawled, but since I can't really pub or crawl-I headed back to Virginia for the night.

Bright and early Sunday I dropped Molly off at day care and we took our friends and house guests to our fab diner for breakfast. After a fun breakfast where everyone but me fixed their fantasy football teams for the day, I was off again to charm city. More fun with the besties, and a little window shopping.

Lacey took us on our first trip to a salvage shop. Housewerks, which was neat to look around.

After a fun day together we ended the night with dangerously delicious pie which is famous in Charm City, but the sweetest part of the day was spending time with my dear friends!

Lots of Love,



Adventures in Pregnancy Brain

So I was planning to write this post yesterday, but I forgot.  That about sums up my life these days.  If it weren't for the notes app on my iphone and google calendar I don't know if I would remember to get out of bed in the morning, let alone what I was going to do with myself that day. 

Not being able to remember the simplest things is getting old...fast.  I've always had a pretty fantastic memory, down to telling friend what the wore on certain days.  I used to always joke that Josh could tell you the best and worst plays from any Gator Game, and I could tell you what outfit I wore-ha! 

Pregnancy Brain is not only frustrating, it's a HUGE time warp.  I have had afternoons where I have walked up and down the stairs four times because by the time I get to the top, I forgot what I was going for.  Now I know this happens to just about anyone but after the first time, you're bound to have a clue of what you needed upon your return.  Leaving the house usually take at least three attempts.  First, I can't carry that much, second I have to keep going back inside for things I forget.  I already know it will take at least two hours to get out the door once this little guy gets here-ha!

At least I have my lifeline, my iphone.  Pregnancy Brain tried to steal that from me on Monday as well.  What more can you take from me???  I was feeling rather adventurous and decided to take an alternative route at the Grocery store.  No big deal someone from the outside may think, but I shop at the Disney World of grocery stores.  Their cheese shop is larger than most produce sections, their produce section is larger than most grocery stores.  I took a detour that lead me down so many paths of distraction, it was unbelievable and ended in tradegy-no iphone to be found. 

I made my menu and grocery list for the week, and was happy to set about my shopping experience.  While parking in the awesome expectant mothers spot, I remembered another pregnancy symptom I was suffering from.  Pregnancy Acne-boo.  I was almost out of face wash and also wanted to add some salicylic acid to my daily regime.  Lucky for me, Wegmans has a large skin care section that is even staffed by a friendly employee.  I didn't start my shopping expereince in the produce section this Monday, NO, I cut right through the pharmacy on my way to skin care, misstep #1.  Low and behold a fancy blood pressure machine, wanting to be sure I was still in a healthy range, I decided to try it out, misstep #2.  135/76 - oh that's not so good, how am I going to remember that?-Ahh I'll write it in a note to myself on my iphone, misstep #3.  This machine does awesome things, not only my blood pressure, but it takes my weight, too-well why not, misstep #4.  Being so thrilled that I am still at my pre-pregnancy weight on the nose that I leave my handy iphone on the blood pressure machine-the final blow.

I continued my journey to skin care, where while perusing the few hundred face wash options, I witnessed another customer have a seizure.  Distraction #1 Stepping in assist her, I left my purse unattended for a solid 20 minutes, she was fine and medical professionals whisked her away.  I went on with my shopping.  Somehow I detoured to the coffee bar where I had a pumpkin spice latte, which I dare say was better than Starbucks.  Distraction #2.  They were also sampling a new Ghirardelli chocolate, which reminded me that I had read on a blog that Ghirardelli had new dark chocolate salted caramel squares, if any store was going to have it, it would be Wegmans-off to the chocolate section--Distraction #3, 4, 5 and 6.  I searched and didn't find it, so continued on with what now became my boring shopping list.  I was checking out when I first realized I didn't have my iphone readily accessible.  My fall/winter purse is HUGE-so I figured once I got to the car I could riffle through more effectively.  Once at the car-I came to realize NO PHONE!  EEEE, how am I going to explain this to Josh, would he actually let me get a new one?  What would my life become without it?  I first thought of the 20 minutes my purse was unattended, but why would someone grab the phone and not my whole purse?  Then went to the pharmacy, where they told me to go to customer service.  They had logged my phone had been turned in by an employee, and went to the back to retrieve it.  Thank goodness! 

I am not looking forward to 4 more months of forgetting things, somehow I don't think it's going to get any better after the baby comes either-ha!


Get Up and Go

Wow, what a weekend! It was sooo great to have my husband back! We've been in CPA mode for the past year, and are sooo glad to be done (well there is that ethics portion, but I'm not going to think about that right now).

If having half the alphabet behind his name isn't enough, he said what should I do next? My reply- you're getting your DAD! Since most of his time when he is not jet setting has been spent studying, my little project list has grown into a rather big one.

But he is back and better than ever, our home office is being relocated downstairs to make way for baby. He put in long hours to make my vision a reality, and we both love it! He had to get creative with our new wall of bookcases, which obviously would cover all power sources. But he made it work-LOVE IT!

Now I have lots of work to do this week; filling in our new bookcases, moving all our office supplies to their new home, and continuing to 'edit' everything we own. Mix in all the volunteer and board meetings I have the first week of the month, and it's going to be one BUSY week!

I'm looking forward to trying some new recipes, and getting my fall Yankee candle(s) tomorrow. Hoping to be able to pick just one (or two).