Happy Memorial Day

I hope we all are able to take time today to remember all those who served so that we could be a free nation.

A big thanks to my brother who is currently oversees! Love you Murphey, come home safe!

He's the tall one on the right.


These are a few of my favorite things...

Since I am a multitasking kind of girl, I am going to graciously accept a blog award from the lovely Miss Ashley in Mississippi and participate in today's show us your life on Kelly's Korner

Thank you Ashley for the award!  She is a Gator girl living in Mississippi, couldn't get much better than that could it?

The award asks me to list ten things that I love and Kelly is asking us to share our favorite things.

Molly, my beagle baby



Gator Games

Ice Cream


Country Music


Singing Hymns

Snuggling in Bed

Happy Memorial Day!

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Headed to the Sunshine State

This time tomorrow I will be some were on I-95 in North Carolina.  We are headed down to Florida for the long weekend and I couldn't be more excited! 

Thing's I'm looking forward to:
Reading magazines and fun books in the car (I haven't even opened this month's Southern Living yet-miracle upon miracle)

Craft Projects in the car a little bit of cross stitch and something even more fun (hopefully it will turn out as cute as I hope)
Seeing my parents!!
Getting my ice cream maker
Giving my mom her belated birthday gifts
Seeing the in-laws!!
Grilling Out

Swimming Pools

Taking Molly to the dog beach on Honeymoon Island

Spending time with my friends
The Dairy Joy

The Florida Sun Shine & Gulf Shore Waters!

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My New 'Do

I went to a new salon, that will become my salon this evening.  Yay, I have a home1

Nash Hair Design is literally just around the corner from my house.  In "downtown" Falls Church.  I talked with my stylist Amy about what I wanted and showed her my inspiration pictures.  She did exactly what I asked for - blended the crazy layers I ended up with with my last cut, while keeping as much lenght as possible.  She was so sweet, fun to talk with and gave me some great styling tips.  I couldn't be happier.  The salon was nice, but not fru-fru, which I'm kind of used to.  No glass of wine or crystal chandeliers, but the neighborhood Wine (and cheese) Shop is just a few doors down.  I'm so glad I found Amy at Nash Hair Design, and can't wait to go back in a few months!

New Hair Style

Well I am going to a new stylist tonight, and I'm super excited about it. 

I have been all over the map with different salons and stylists since I've moved to Virginia.  This is not really like me.  I like to find a great place and stylist, settle in and go often!  I just haven't found the right fit for me here yet  (same goes for manicurist, but I'm trying to tackle one issue at a time).

When I was volunteering at a Junior League event earlier this year a few of the girls had the greatest hair styles.  I asked them where they went.  Coincidence they all went to the same place, and it was right down the street from my house?  I think not!  The last place I went with Lacey was about an hour away from my house.  No joke.

The funny thing is, I want fewer layers, but all the styles I like appear to have a good amount of layers.  We'll see what we can figure out tonight!  Here are some of my inspiration pictures.  I borrowed two pictures from other blogs, so their identity has been protected!

I'll share a picture of the results!


Menu Monday

Oh my gosh y'all this is the count down to my last full week with a fully functioning kitchen. 

We have placed all the orders for the remodel, and I am starting to get anxious about not having an oven/stove/microwave for the majority of the month of June. 

This week I wanted to mix some quick and easy dinners with a must-try new recipe and an old standard that requires using a few different gadgets and appliances around the kitchen.  Everything is getting packed up next week to make way for the kitchen transformation. Although I may give my Kitchenaide and oven one last run for the money with a batch of cupcakes for an event I have the first weekend in June-we shall see.

I am joining the Org Junkie's Menu Monday.  All this time I have been planning my weekly menu's, and didn't know I could join in with others who do the same.

Monday:  Salad with tons of Grilled Veggies topped off with Basil Vinaigrette

Tuesday:  Wild Mushroom Risotto with Sugar Snap Peas

Wednesday:  Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti Casserole  -- This is my new must try!  Plus, I already have the majority of the ingredients.  Bonus, less to pack-up.

Thursday:  Thai Pesto Shrimp  -- The old standard that Josh and I can't get enough of.  This may deplete all the cilantro I have grown in my herb garden, but hey that's what it's for right?

Friday:  Fingers crossed we will get to Savannah early enough to get something wonderful for dinner!


A Night in NYC

Josh and I headed to NYC last weekend to celebrate our friend Adam's 30th Birthday.  His girlfriend Samantha planned an amazing surprise party and guests traveled from all over to attend.

We drove up from DC with the plan to park by their place and catch the subway down to The Center Bar in time for the party.  Well, we missed the exit for the Verrazano Bridge and ended up going through the Lincoln Tunnel at 6:30 pm.  NOT a pretty picture.  It was stressful to say the least, and we wanted to be on time for the big SURPRISE!  We made it, and headed upstairs to the private bar Sam had reserved for the party. 

Adam was totally surprised, and couldn't get over all the friends who had come to celebrate, even though his face in this picture doesn't exactly look like it.

Sam had all these delicious platters of food served and to top it all off-red velvet birthday cake. 

Josh and Adam grew up across the street from each other in East Lake, and have been best buddies ever since.  I remember the first time I met Adam, he gave me a good old fashioned interview.  I passed with flying colors (or so I hope)-I got my guy in the end!  I will never forget getting grilled over pints at the Dubliner.

We had a great time celebrating.  I specifically enjoying my view of two girls watching themselves dance in the floor to ceiling mirrors.  Only in NYC or maybe Vegas...

I love this picture of balloons I took-so fun and festive!  I have to take a photography class so I can learn how to take more artistic pictures.

The hostess with the mostest-Sam made the whole time we were there so wonderful for us.  And pretty wonderful for Adam as well.

As always we had a great time with Adam and Sam, I LOVE their NYC apartment.  The architectural details are amazing, and it's so unique.  We had a great time in the city, and we are looking forward to another visit later this summer.


It's the Little Things...

Just wanted to share some of the things that have brought me great joy and happiness today. 

One of my office buddies is leaving, which doesn't really make me joyful or happy, but I am very excited for her future endeavors.

Since I don't have someone to make a Starbucks run with anymore, I got her the new insulated Starbucks cold cup as a going away present. 

The guy at Starbucks was so nice, he gave me a free iced coffee, so I bought another cup for myself!  I am just giddy about this!  Josh-don't be mad, I am saving the environment here. = )

To top it all off, we have a very talented baker who made an AMAZING cake to celebrate MC's future.

Yes, that would be a french chiffon cake with orange flavored cream cheese frosting topped with pureed mango. 

Don't worry I told myself this is not part of the diet plan with every bite I took. 
Plus calories don't count on Friday, right? 
It was also a serving of fruit...

Do you like my justifications and excuses?

Enjoy the weekend!


Wrapping Up the Junior League Year

Tonight officially wraps up my first year in the Junior League of Washington DC with a happy hour at Sequoia.  It boasts a beautiful view of the Georgetown waterfront, and the weather couldn't be any better for cocktails on the Potomac.

The League headquarters here is a beautiful building right on M Street in Georgetown, decorated beautifully.  Each room is unique, purposeful and gorgeous. 

I'm still adjusting to the different structure of the League here and evaluating how I can have the best overall experience and enjoy meaningful volunteer opportunities  My transfer year was OK.  I really did like the leadership team, but found the experience lacking in hands-on action in the community and making real friendships instead of friendly acquaintances.  Don't get me wrong a year of parties, nice dinners and happy hours are right up my alley, but still left me wanting more.  The highlight of the year was when my friend Sara transferred here from the Gainesville, FL League.  I am hoping my placement next year gets me out there meeting new people and having an impact on the DC Community.

I probably need to stop comparing everything to the Junior League of Tampa.  I just loved it.  Fresh out of grad school, I made connections in the League that made Tampa feel like home.  Our headquarters felt like the sorority house in college, a home base, always buzzing with activity.  General membership meetings were a social hour with great food from our cookbooks, paired with perfect punches and beverages.  I made wonderful friends and was very involved, even served as one of the youngest members on the board of directors.  I had set aspirations in my Junior League "career" while moving from one opportunity to another in my professional career.  Funny, now that I have actual direction in my professional career, I fell lost with what I want to achieve with Junior League. 

Gone are the days of walking down the tree-lined street from my office to the League headquarters in the afternoon. 

Gone are the days of actually knowing someone at every activity I volunteered with.  Gone is familiarity of Florida.  Replaced by the bright lights and bustle of our nations capital.  

This next year I will find purpose in my volunteer activities, I will make amazing new connections and I will add another Presidential Volunteer Service Award to my collection.



So you had a bad day...

So far today I have been in a car accident, been to the Social Security Office and the DMV.  I think I will top it all off by going to the post office right after work, just to stand in line for a while.

The best part is this all happened before noon.


Menu Monday

It's back!  Sometimes I don't do Menu Monday's when Josh is on business trips, has multiple of business dinners/events or will have to work late a lot during the week.  This is mainly because if that is the case, my dinners are lean cuisines and take-out.  Anything to avoid doing dishes (out kitchen remodel and new dishwasher cannot come soon enough). 

This week we will be having:

Stuffed Pork Chops with grilled squash and zucchini.

I will be making a double batch of the enchiladas and giving one tray to our neighbors who just had a beautiful little girl.  The other tray will be dinner one night and leftovers another (as long as Josh doesn't go back for seconds the first go-around).  Same deal with the Perfect Pot Roast.  This will probably have to be later in the week, due to the fact that my chuck roast is frozen and needs to defrost. Long story short: I bought the wrong cut of meat during Passover. Chuck roast is apparently not the same as brisket (although they look alike).  I needed a meat cut reference guide at Harris Teeter that day.  I won't make that mistake again. 

I hope Ree doesn't find out that I am making her Perfect Pot Roast due to a mistake by purchasing the wrong cut of meat.  As a cattle farmers wife that would be so uncool.  Also uncool, the Border's bookstore where Lacey and I stood in line for more than four hours to have her sign our copies of her cookbook

Of course I have pictures of us there that I have yet to upload-that's just the way I roll.  Take pictures, talk about them, don't post to blog or facebook to share with anyone.

But the love of the Pioneer Woman recipes I do share.  I brought her Restaurant Style Salsa and Jalapeno Poppers with me to two barbecues on Sunday.  To say they were a hit was an understatement.  I even made a new bff because of our shared adoration of anything combining cheese and bacon as well as flip-flops.  It was pretty awesome.  Enjoy the week!