It's Party Time over at Wendy Poplars today!  Being the topic of my favorite season, I had to join in.

Windy Poplars

1. How do you most like to entertain during the summer (pool party, picnic, cookout, etc.)? - Or if your situation doesn't allow for entertaining right now, what do you look forward to being able to host?

I like to entertain with cocktails on our back porch, and have friends over to grill out.  I feel like entertaining in the summer is way more casual than the rest of the year.  Coming from Florida, not having immediate access to a pool here is very difficult for me.  We do have a roof top and indoor pool at our gym, but the best part of a pool party is having a Pineapple-tini in hand, which would be weird at the gym. 

I am looking forward to my sororities alumnae group's Summer Soiree and Picnic on the National Mall coming up.  That will be so much fun!

2. Do you have a favorite summertime dessert?

My favorite summertime dessert is ice cream!  It's actually my favorite anytime dessert. 

Every summer growing up I would look forward to my church's ice cream fellowship.  It would be after a Sunday evening service and we would all go to the fellowship hall where there were tables and tables of homemade ice cream.  Amazing!

Now that I think of it, I have a ice cream maker.  You know the kind where you have the ice and salt in the bucket, and you spin spin spin the container with the cream and sugar. 

Thank goodness it's electric, although it needs to be made outside because the sides sweat, and well, that's just how you do it.  I believe it's in my parent's garage in Florida.  I will have to be sure to bring that back to DC when we are visiting in a few weeks.  I also gave an inside electric model to Lacey at one of her Bridal Showers. 

I feel relieved to know that there will be two ice cream makers in my vicinity this summer.  PTL!
3.What is your best outdoor summer date idea?

Well, my best outdoor summer date was the night that Josh proposed.  The fourth of July is my favorite holiday.  Josh had taken me on a beach trip to San Marco Island, just off the coast of Naples to spend the weekend.  We stayed at the beautiful Marriott resort, it was the perfect mix of old time Florida with all the modern amenities. 

The next morning Josh had rented us a private beach cabana.  They brought us bottled water by the bucket and all the magazines I could possibly want to read - it was pretty awesome.

After dinner we went out to the beach to watch the fireworks.  We could hear the music from the band playing at the resort and were dancing in the sand.  Josh was spinning me around and as I turned he got down on one knee and asked me for my hand.  It was perfect. 

When we got back to our room there were chocolate covered strawberries and champagne waiting for us.

It was the best summertime date ever!

4. Share any outdoor decorating tips/ideas you have...

I think the best way to decorate outside during the summer is with plants and flowers.  Showcase natures beauty!  I also like to decorate for Memorial Day, Flag Day and the Fourth of July with lots and lots of red, white and blue!

5. What will we find you wearing most in the summertime?
Sundresses and flip flops. 


White Linen


Kristin said...

Hi Sarah Beth! My church used to have an ice cream social every summer too! Good times.- Your "greatest summertime date" sure tops the list! What a sweet, romantic proposal. Sounds like a keeper to me :-) Love your dresses too... Thanks for joining in the party!

Trish said...

Hi Miss Sarah Beth! I am crazy about this post, so much fun summery goodness :) You in that madras dress = precious and I LOVE your engagement summer date! xox

Kate said...

hey girlie....i just became your newest follower. your blog is adorable and i can't wait to get to know you better!

xoxox kate a' la southern belle simple