James said 'I wove you' for the first time last night. He melts my heart about 100 times a day.

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Little Tiger

James was so excited to read his tiger book we checked out of the library to me in the car. He just lights up my life!!

Hoping reading about the little Tiger who doesn't want to go to bed, helps our little Tiger go to bed. On the advice of a child development specialist, he went to bed a little later tonight (8:30). We are hoping the later bed time leads to a later awake time. I'm not a fan of 5:30, although sweet cuddles are awesome, anytime of the day.

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Is it really February?

Well, hey there friends!

Hope everyone that may still read this blog is doing great and enjoying the new year!

We are doing great and enjoying the 80 degree days in February (but not the swarms of Mosquitos).

I did a cool thing this year and instead of resolutions, decided on my priorities and from that derived goals to help me live my priorities. It's been such a great way to cut the riffraff and easily realize how I should be spending my time, however Facebook still gets just a little too much of it. That's a work in progress.

Life is good, finding lots of joy and fulfillment in everyday and thanks to this little post feel that I am living the life God planned for me undoubtably.

So blogging is on my priority/goal list but obviously not the highest. I think as I continue to work things out it will get easier to find and make the time to write down my thoughts here.

James turns two this weekend, I can't even comprehend that! He will be a ring bearer in a wedding on his actual birthday, so I keep mentally delaying him turning two to be the following weekend when we have his party-ha!

I'm also filling out his preschool application for next year and am filled with lots of emotions. I know he will do so great in school, and it will be really great for us both. Before becoming a mommy, I honestly looked at preschool as a little bit of a cop-out for stay-at-home-moms. Like hello isn't that what your supposed to be spending your time on? Well now that I'm walking the walk, I see that is totally not the case, or at least the full picture. He will get more attention and learning opportunities from his teachers and from me because I won't be as distracted with errands and chores during the time I'm with him. Our time together will be our time together. Honestly I'm just talking a few mornings a week, but it's just hard to realize that it's happening (in 6 months).

Also, teaching does not come naturally to me. I am trying to work on this skill set. I've got the loving, nurturing, fun and playing part down. Aside from reading a lot of books everyday I'm just not a natural at finding learning opportunities.

I am realizing more and more teaching moments daily, and thanks to some great mommy teacher friends learning some really great ways to teach my little guy. Now that I'm looking to fit more of these moments in, he learned his ABC's in two days this weekend. Makes me wonder if I should have encouraged that a little earlier...
Well now I know to find more ways for us to learn together each and every day.

This week we are making play-doh valentines for our friends.

I bought some party packs of play doh for his birthday gift bags, but Pinterest helped me come up with a cuter idea for his Choo Choo birthday.

So now I already have a sugar-free treat ready for all of his little friends. Well with the help of a printable, 2" punch and some glue anyway.

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