Junior League at the Zoo

Last night I had my first trip to the National Zoo. It was so beautiful, I can't wait to go back with Josh! We had our fall Junior League Town Hall Meeting in the auditorium there, what a great idea! The transfers met at Ireland's Four Fields before we went over, it was so nice to visit and meet new friends.

The Junior League of Washington DC is so big we can't all meet in the same place at the same time, it's very different than what I am used to with the Junior League of Tampa.

Last night I listened to the Executive Director of the Friends of the National Zoo and the Executive Director of D.C. Learns. They both shared interesting information about both of their organizations, and it made me want to volunteer-now to decide what I can do to help!


Kentucky Game

Josh and I had a road trip to Lexington with my sorority sister and college roommate, Maggie. We left work a little early on Friday and drove through Virginia, West Virginia and Kentucky-it was a wild and rainy ride, but Josh got us to Lexington safe and sound.

We met up with the Nelly's, Brittnay and Stubs to tailgate outside of the stadium before the game. It rained the whole day-I wish I had my wellies then!

Here we are with Elizabeth and Steve headed to the game.

Shake that pom pom!
Commonwealth Stadium-a sea of blue.

Josh and I enjoyed the game and another Gator Victory!


Tennessee Game

We made the trip down to Gainesville for the Tennessee Game, it was so much fun to spend time with family and friends. I was so lucky to get to tailgate with some of my best friends. Here I am with Gwen, Lauren and Allison.

It was also great to spend time with Reema and Katie!!

A highlight of our tailgate was the whole hog Danny cooked for us-it was soo good.

Josh and I had a great time at the game, and enjoyed our first visit to the F Club where I ran into the Monahan's, Alex and Wild Bill (aka Treston Traylor).

Here Lauren, Melissa, Gwen and I are enjoying the post game tailgate. I can hardly believe that we all have been friends for the past 11 years. Time flys when you're having fun!


Menu Monday

  • Monday - Mediterranean Salad, Roasted Chicken, Couscous
  • Tuesday - Pork Chops with Lemon Spinach, Smashed Potatoes
  • Wednesday - Junior League Happy Hour & Town hall Meeting
  • Thursday - Pizza
  • Friday - Jambalaya in Jacksonville


Wellies from Wales

So Josh brought me back some goodies from his trip. I am now the proud owner of Wellies from Wales!

He also bought me a beautiful purple scarf in Rome.

Isn't it pretty? Here's the scarf at home with a few of my other scarves-I'm getting ready for winter!

Thanks again to Mid-Atlantic Martha for her great give away! I am excited to use all the great goodies that she sent me!


Sunday Shopping and other happenings

Jen, Lacey and I went shopping on Sunday. We had a great time hitting up all the stores. I got an early start on a few holiday items from Crate & Barrel, and also stocked up on more fall goodies from Williams-Sonoma including the Spiced Pecan and Pumpkin Quick bread.

This will be a nice treat for Josh when he gets back from his business trip.
I am super excited that I entered and won my very first blogger give away from Mid-Atlantic Martha! She has a wonderful blog, I really enjoy all her home decorations and tablescapes.
On Wednesday I am looking forward to helping Jen and John celebrate their anniversary by babysitting Jack. I am pulling out the Dyson and mop this evening to make sure my floors are spotless for his crawling adventures!


Menu Monday

  • Monday - Gingered Pear and Butternut Squash Soup
  • Tuesday - Out to Dinner with Lacey
  • Wednesday - Sweet Basil & Sun-dried Tomato Pasta Toss
  • Thursday - Gator Club Happy Hour in China Town
  • Friday - Chicken Divan


Welcome to Fall

It's in the 40's now, the leaves are changing, fall has come to the Thompson house. Thanks to my newest Yankee Candle the scent of warm spices have filled our home. Summer used to be my favorite season, I am a Florida girl after all, but fall is finding a warm place in my heart.

My Welcome Wreath

My Little Jack-O-Lantern
Come on in
The Table
The Mantle
Our Sterling Waterford Candle holders - Thanks Jen & John!
and my favorite decoration of all...
little Miss Molly

The Camera is Abroad

Josh left for a week and a half business trip to the UK and Rome (I know I wish I could have gone along). Of course he packed our little camera which has the memory card with all our pictures, that I would like to share on the blog. Soooo, I will have to delay my posts on the Tennessee Game, Kentucky Game, and LSU Game. Be assured we had a blast with great friends and great football on each trip!

I will however bring out the nice camera to show off my fall decorations, which I completed last night. These are my first decorations in my first home, so I tried to pick items that I can build on. Of course I wish every shelf was decorated every edge accessorized, but we are just starting out and all my holiday decorations will grow over the years. I will try to get snapshots of everything tonight to share!

Speaking of tonight, I am excited to go to dinner with my Junior League small group. I think we are going to Panache. We are an indecisive group... No matter where we go it will be a nice treat. I am wearing a warm black sweater dress, tights, two long pearl and rhinestone necklaces and an awesome bright pink scarf - so fun! I have surprisingly adapted well to the 40 degree weather. I think it helps that it isn't too windy-that's what always gets me in the winter.


Troy Game

Since we weren't in Gainesville we did the next best thing and went to Bailey's to watch the Troy Game with the DC Gator Club.

We were able to meet up with a bunch of my sorority sisters and had a great time!

Here we all are singing We are the Boys!

Charleston Southern Party

Molly was the perfect hostess.

T is for Thompson Costers

The Bar

Gator Embroidered Towel - Thanks Lucy!

Our football cake and brownies - it was so much fun to have a baking night with Lacey to make these!

Getting ready to put the food out-of course I never took any pictures once we did.

Me with baby Jack and Molly.

AppetizersWe had a great night with wonderful friends and best of all a Gator victory!!

New Orleans Bound

So I thought I would be blogging about all our football adventures, but I have been so busy with party planning, and going in and out of town, and trying to keep my home in order that I haven't kept up at all. I promise to do re-caps with pictures for all the games. We have had a wonderful time on all our trips, and I am looking forward to this weekend and our adventure in Louisiana to watch the Gators take on the LSU Tigers.

We arrive in New Orleans early Friday morning. We are going to do a little tailgate and cooler shopping (we buy a new cooler for EVERY game). We literally have seven coolers on our back porch and one down in Florida! After that, a walk around the Garden District and lunch at Commander's Palace. In the afternoon we are going to spend time with my cousin who is getting her Master's at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

Come sun-down it will be time for dinner with Mike, Lacey, Reema and Alex in the French Quarter.

Here is the dress I am wearing on Friday:

Josh and I are staying in Baton Rogue so we will drive over Friday night and then tailgate in the bayou all day Saturday. Well, that's the plan for now, I wonder how things will really turn out-you never know in the Big Easy!

Josh did not like my original "planned" gator game day outfit of an orange sheath dress with a belted white boyfriend cardigan. So I am still figuring out what I am going to wear. I think a royal blue dress with orange jewelry and an orange cardigan. We shall see.

An Award!

I am so excited that Suzanne gave me the Kreative Blogger award! I love reading her blog, it is so funny-and even made me try bump-its! I have been slacking in the blog department, so this is exactly the kick in the pants that I need to get back into it! But since we all know that I firmly believe that rules are meant to be broken-I don't think I will be following all the rules. Ok-truth be told I don't know seven other bloggers to tag!


1-Thank the person who nominated you for this award.

2-Copy the logo and place it on your blog.

3-Link to the person who nominated you for this award.

4-Name 7 things about yourself that people may not know.

5-Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.

6-Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.

7-Leave a comment on each

Seven Things About Me

  1. I am addicted to coffee-it got me through Grad School and a full time job and ever since then I can't live without it.
  2. I really want to get a kitty cat. Josh says that taking care of Molly is enough, but I still want a little kitty to cuddle with.
  3. The fourth of July is my favorite holiday!
  4. We are hosting our first Thanksgiving. I'm so excited that I started planning the menu in September.
  5. When I was younger I always wanted to have red hair.
  6. I LOVE my job. I always thought I wanted to be a SAHM, but now I can't imagine not coming to work everyday. (no plans to be a mom yet either...)
  7. I really want a snuggie--I know I know almost as bad as crocs (which I wear to walk the dog every morning).