We had such a fun visit with friends at Disney World. It truly is the most magical place on earth. The crowds weren't bad and we didn't burn up in the summer sun, we did get pretty soggy however. I'll take a sun shower over a sun burn any day!

Mostly it was fun to spend time with my very best friends and their kiddos!

I can't wait to go back for the Food and Wine Fest, birthdays, holidays...any day! Living in Florida is the best and I'm looking forward to sharing the magic of Disney with James as he grows up!

I haven't been to the Magic Kingdom since going with my sorority my super senior (5th) year. I had a work conference at Epcot within the past 5-6 years, but didn't hike around the park too much in heels.

Not sure how long fast passes have been around, but they are great! Somehow we managed not to stand in a single line all day-except for the Carousel of Progress which James proceeded to break down and scream in the entire presentation. Lets be clear that we only went on that 'ride' to stay out of the rain, and I know to never return with kids again!

Silly mommy, I just wanted to play with that doggie on the stage.

James' favorite ride was It's a Small World, which just tickled me to death as he clapped his hands and bobbed his head to the music.

He was such a big boy and rode Dumbo and Aladdin's Magic Carpet

I'm pretty fierce when it comes to the arcade games as seem on my departing pictures. I figured out how to actually play the second go around!

Just as intense here!

Actually biting my lip in concentration, it takes focus to be a Galactic Hero-ha!

James also loved Mickeys Philharmagic. although he loved the 3-D glasses, he wouldn't keep them on, so I'm not sure what he watched, but he loved it. And his other favorite of the day was The Little Mermaid ride, which was really cute!

I wasn't sure how he would do meeting characters, but he loved Pooh and crew at dinner.

High five for tigger

Look it's Eeyore!

It was the best first trip to Disney and I can't wait to go back with Josh soon!


From one vacation to another

I will soon recap our trip to Hawaii, but James and I have a date with Mickey Mouse and best friends for the rest of this week! Plus, our downstairs air conditioner is out, so sitting at our desktop sorting pictures in high temps is not my ideal activity right now. Nor is it ever: importing, organizing, filing, saving, uploading and backing-up all the pictures from at least 4 devices is mind boggling. I'm fondly remembering when I had time, patencince and the mental capacity to do such things-ha!


Needless to say, I'm so very glad we have two a/c units (who knew houses have two these days) and a home warranty because every week something else breaks, leaks or dies around here. I feel like my job is having contractors out to our house, and I haven't even started decorating or furnishing yet. The rate the repair bills are racking up, i'll be wiating on curtains, rugs and more seating for a while!


I finally feel like I've gotten the house clean, it's such a good feeling. Thankfully, I'm recovering from my 'big whopper' of a double ear infection (seriously the doctor I saw said I had a big whopper of an ear infection), and getting some energy back. Almost a week out from flying and my ears still haven't popped/cleared - when that day comes it will be a happy one!


Really feel blessed to be close to family as my mom came and stayed with us last week to help with James when I was feeling really bad, and it was nice to spend time at my mother in laws this afternoon to cool off and play in her nice and cool family room.


I wrote all of the above Monday night and our second A/C unit bit the dust in a matter of hours making for a very hot Tuesday and the bad news we will be at least a week without A/C-blah.


So glad we are having a blast at Disney- it's really so much fun, I haven't been in at least ten years, and am loving every minute!


Don't let James' lack of enthusiasm fool you.


He's loving all the fun and time with his buddies!




Back from Paradise

We have returned safely from one paradise (Hawaii) to another (Florida).

I recovered from a sinus infection just in time to board the plane, only to come back to another cold/sinus thing that I hope clears up in the next day or so. Please! I really hate how near impossible it is to tackle my ever increasing to-do list while being sick-blah. All I know is my ears still haven't popped from our three flight marathon, and I'm ready for my head to feel like its not under water, in a vice grip and having helium pumped in it all at the same time.

The trip was truly amazing, and I'm hoping to write about it and share pictures very soon. We also brought co-sleeping back from our trip. James' room is much too far away, he's been waking up around 11 and that seems like perfect cuddle time to me. Really I don't want to make multiple trips across our room, down the hall, through the dining room, up the stairs, down another hall to his room. So right now he's cuddled up at the foot of our bed and I'm reading and writing this. Love being so close together.



Curly Q

So I'm having a hard time with my hair these days.

I went to a girls night out with some old friends a few weeks ago and confessed to not knowing how to do my hair in the Florida humidity. To which I got looks of dismay from my friends who couldn't believe I was having such a struggle. But I do think there are lots of contributing factors, and wondering if anyone else has some tips. Truth be told I'm a stay at home momma and its hot in the sunshine state, my main styling goal is a cute pony tail, which I've been failing at due to numerous factors:

After a few years of taking pre-natal vitamins I have some very thick locks, which I'm just not used to.

I have some layers I'm looking to control from shorter hair cuts in the past.

Florida Humidity

I don't have hardly any time (or choose not to spend hardly any time) to style my hair.

And last my not least, my main issue is all these new curly ringlets I've acquired since having James. Fun fact for all my non-mommy friends here: your hair falls out like crazy after giving birth. And guess what? Mine grew back a totally new way-make way stick straight hair I've had my whole life to welcome curly ringlets -it's crazy. One third of my hair is stick straight, one third wavy and one third curly curly curly.

My whole head won't curl using curling products and won't stay straight after a 45 minute blowout and round with the flat iron. What's a girl to do? I've watched tutorials on UTube, tried far too expensive products and even when I take the time, don't get the results I'd like.

I just got a new cut that makes things a little more manageable, thank goodness!

Am I alone? Should I do a keratin treatment? How much are they? Cute pony ideas?

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Big News!

James took his first steps on Friday night, and it was the coolest!!

YouTube Video

It's the most amazing experience to watch him learn and discover new things everyday. He vocabulary has exploded and he says well over 20 words, I love hearing him say new things everyday. Balloon, door and here are the latest additions.

Watching him toddle around warms and breaks my heart all at the same time. As he becomes more independent, I loose my baby. The walking is totally a milestone that means he's not my little baby anymore.

On Saturday I cried as he proudly marched around the kitchen. My heart bursting with pride, love and the realization of time passing right before my eyes. I can honestly say I've cherished every single moment we've spent together. And feel beyond blessed that I'm with him all day everyday. Sometimes I'm physically tired, but want to be with my sweet boy to celebrate and appreciate every moment and milestone as he grows into the young man God created.

YouTube Video

This weekend was a chance for us to look towards the future for James while honoring his daddy's past. It was Josh's 15 year high school reunion. Which brought on a fun filled day of campus tours, concerts and catching up with wonderful friends, at one of our fav old date spots, Pane Rustica.

We can't wait for James to follow in his daddy's footsteps. Here's a pic of him in the football locker room with daddy's old jersey #.

We hope he'll be running on this field one day!

Can't believe how fast time is flying by, but loving every moment.

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