I can't even begin to tell you how crazy my lift has been - CRAZY... CHAOTIC... BEYOND..

1.  I cried at work today, which has never, I mean NEVER happened here-but I finally reached my breaking point.

2.  Maybe it's because I didn't get enough sleep last night because the wind literally blew out the windows in our bedroom, as in BIG GAPING HOLE in the wall with nothing there, but the cold midnight sky. 
3.  Don't worry after yelling at Josh for not being home for the third MAJOR catastrophe in the past four months I took care of it...in my own special way.

4.  Duck tape is my friend.
5.  Duck tape and a tarp are my best friends.
6.  Duck tape, a Tarp and Vodka are my best friends forever-and really create an amazing trifecta.

7.  Just checked into my flight and upgraded my seat so I could spend time with my best friend Vodka on the way to Jacksonville tonight.

8.  Sent Josh to buy every flavor of Vodka he could find so they would be prepared for my arrival tonight.
9.  He complied and went to Wackos his favorite liquor store/strip club in Jacksonville. 

10.  He took my pregnant best friend there two years ago on accident, and now makes a point/finds an excuse to go every year.

11.  He also makes it a priority to wear buba teeth all weekend ala James Bates during Tennessee Week.

12.  And throws mike bones at unsuspecting Georgia Fans, particularly the girls dressed to the nines.

13.  Which reminds me, he only packet T-shirts (and probably jorts) - so I better find him a polo and bright blue or orange shorts, and burn whatever else I find in his suitcase so what I picked is his only option.

14.  Well, that's the run-down.  I guess with that all I have to say is:

15.  Oh and if you're in Jax hit up my cell and come to our tailgate!


Cradle List

I listened to a different radio show the other morning, and the DJ's were talking about what was on their Cradle List.  Pretty much a pre-baby bucket list.  All the things you want to do while it's still just the two of you.

Like kissing on the side of the road...

Or dancing the night away on a vacation...
We have already been thinking about this, or at least I have.  Since I've already read What to Expect Before You're Expecting, and subjected my husband to reading a paragraph or 200 out loud, much to his dismay and shouts of objection-ha! 


" I didn't need to know that."
 "I'm not listening to you anymore."

May have been said a time or 200.

The next obvious step is doing all the things the book says to do, AND all the things we want to do before...baby.

My list so far is mostly just travel:

  • Planning a Big Europe Trip for next spring/summer
  • Try to get out to California Wine Country (although I don't mind Virginia Wine Country)
  • Go to way too many Gator Games (unlike the three we are going to this year)

So I've started forming our Cradle List, but I'm curious what's on yours? 

And for all my mommy friends, what would you have done pre-baby now that you know what life is like with a bundle of joy?


Partying down in Georgia

We're back from my cousin's fantastic wedding in Auburn, and somehow I managed to have multiple contractors come to my house after hours last night to finish up almost all the remaining details from flood # 1 and flood #2.  All we're waiting on now is the mirror to be installed in our master bath and we should be all set.  Gosh, I'm sure I just jinxed myself there.  So after my Junior League meeting was cancelled for tonight - thank goodness for roaming power outages- I am going on a cleaning rampage so the house will be in tip top shape when my parents get here on Wednesday!

The past few weekends have been all about family starting with my cousin's bridesmaid luncheon and the party we hosted for her at our families lake cabin.  I played paparazzi.

The beautiful bride
Mother's, aunts and our Granny
The hydrangea cupcakes
Maids and Flower Girls

I did give the new fall trend of booties a try, and I have to say I love them.  Way more comfortable than standard pumps or higher boots.  Results are a much more comfortable hybred of the two.  I highly recommend giving them a try.

After a quick change, I was off to help set up for the second party of the day.  A mexican fesita complete with margarita machine-I may recommend one of these even more than the fashionable fall booties.

The Cabin at Wynn's Pond
A few of the tables set up for party goers
A look around

I tried to get creative and take a picture of the sun
It was a football weekend, so we had  multiple TV's set up.  I was able to watch Auburn win and the Gators loose-what has seemed to be an unfortunate trend this season for my alma mater anyway.
The leaves were beginning to change
The dock at sunset
The bride and the lucky groom
Margarita Machine - key factor to a successful fiesta
One of the ring bearers down by the shore
The bride with her mom and our aunt
The fam
The weekend was completed by visiting with my dear friend and her two precious children.  Can't wait to see them in Orlando for Christmas.


A Day in the Life

So, I'm showing off where I spend most of my days.  We're sharing offices today at Kelly's Korner.  I'm guessing most are showing their home office, but I don't really have one.  Don't get me wrong we have a home office, but it isn't mine.  It's my husbands, unless you count my laptop which is kept on our sofa downstairs or the exorbitant amount of stationary I keep tucked in our guestroom closet as a home office.

My "office" office is my work office, and I love it and love my job.  I get to help make what could be the most negative situation in someones life into one of the most positive, and to top if off my colleagues are fantastic.

My office building is fully appointed and filled with friendly faces, of which our concierge Jane's is the friendliest there is.  It's always a pleasure to see her.  She is a true example of a professional and sweet as can be.

Up the elevator to my floor and down the hall to my lovely home away from home.  Complete with a tribute to the Gators and appointed with matching pink accessories, I mean really, does it get any better?  Even my recycling bin is pink!

I tried to stack as many things as possible under my monitor so I can see the screen without slumping over.  I'm one tall cookie.  After a few months I figured out this nice drawer feature was a lot more professional looking and functional than a stack of last year's Staples catalogs...what do you think?

Speaking of a nice view, mine is of Macy's could you think of anything more fitting?  It's my husbands worse nightmare - but it does help me maintain a Platinum Macy's Card.  Other than my office building being connected to the mall, another thing I love is having two Starbucks in walking distance.  I'm one lucky girl.

I have been exploring the coffee options at the office as well, making full use of our Flavia machine.  A few weeks ago I took myself on the Tour de Flavia.  Where I tried every flavor of coffee in the machine because I like to challenge myself.

It was a difficult task, but I succeeded.  I can now proudly say I have sampled every flavor of coffee my office has to offer.  But when it was all said and done, I returned to my old faithful House Blend taken with two Splendas, two Mini Moo's.  It's just perfect for me, and rumor has it the lighter the roast, the more caffeine.  Of course this information could be totally false, I think it was passed on to me by my husband who I can not describe as a coffee connoisseur by any means-ha!

* note the hubs reminded me that he is a former barista, and well trained in the art of coffee from the days his family owned coffee shops.  So he knows all about it, just doesn't drink it.  I guess I'm the connoisseur and he is the expert.
So there you have it, my office, was it as exciting as you thought it would be?

All I can say is TGIF.  Hope y'all have a great weekend.  You know I'll be cheering on my Gators.  Speaking of which, my husband went to Athens today to pick up an authentic stuffed Georgia Bulldog, so he can tie it to the back of his SUV and drag it from DC to Jacksonville in two weeks for the FL GA game-way to prepare in advance honey!


On Being a Gator

I got an email this morning from the student body president at UF inviting alumni to share words of advice with the incoming freshman class. Here's what I had to share:

I had no idea how stepping on campus at UF as a freshman would affect the rest of my life, but I did have the feeling it was the start of something special.

That the girls I sat with in the lounge of my dorm hall would be the bridesmaids in my wedding.

That I would meet my future husband on a football road trip to LSU,

or that I would forever be instantly connected to a complete stranger in a Gators T-shirt.

It’s all true.
The years I spent walking those lovely vine clad halls were the best of my life and significantly shaped my future,
whether it was job offers from fellow alumni or a connection in our Nation’s Capitol where I now call home.
I can proudly say that my experience at UF shaped me into the person I am today both personally and professionally. I couldn't be more grateful for what the Gator Nation has done for me.

As you start your collegiate career at UF, take advantage of everything! Go to sporting events, go to class (and the library), run for student government and spend lazy days reading by the shores of Lake Wauburg.

Be proud to be a Gator and be proud to be the next generation of the Gator Nation! You have no idea what your time at UF has in store for you, but I can tell you it will exceed anything you can imagine.

Welcome to the Gator Nation.