Fall Flowers

So my back porch went from this:

To this:

In a few short months. 

When we first moved into the Marriott after our house flooded, I would come back home at least twice a week to water my plants.  This lasted for a little less than two months.  I blame the construction workers for storing lots of things on our porch AND the fact that we had no floor for some period of time.  Well, I did have some surviving basil-ha!

Enter my fun floral friend who loves cooler temps.  The pretty Pansy.  I stopped by my favorite locally owned garden center after work and got busy weeding and planting when I got home.

 All I needed was a flat of these lovelies and a nice glass of vino for my fall planting session.
 My Pansies with the cool October sky in the background.

A little up close look at these beauties.

 Oh and with that surviving basil?
 I made a pesto sauce for my angel hair for dinner.  Didn't have pine nuts, so swapped out walnuts, it worked out well.

A pinch of kosher salt a few garlic cloves, walnuts, a few bunches of basil, some parm and EVOO-yum yum yum.

 My creation with a side of corn bread.  I've decided to embrace that my cooking style has developed into north meets south, Jewish meets Baptist.  It's working for me.


I Do Declare said...

YUM!! You're just a one-woman Southern Living spread!

kbell23 said...

Pansies look quite lovely!
And the pasta...mmmmm!
Way to go Sarah Beth! :)

Mrs. Kindergarten

DSS said...

I just adore pansies! We were talking about them yesterday, and the fact that we needed to plant some :) I've got my mums potted...time for the pansies!

Kristin said...

Your pansies look beautiful! Love the color assortment...that's amazing that your basil lasted so long! What a treat! A simple pasta like that is one of my very favorite things.~ Thanks for joining TPoTP today :-) Have a great weekend SB!

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