A Wonderful Thanksgiving

It was such a joyous occasion to celebrate Thanksgiving with our friends and family.  I'm finally getting to share my fall wreath which welcomed our guests.

 I also printed up a Keep Calm and Gobble On sign to encourage our guests to eat up!

Josh and I had a solid plan Turkey Game plan and were headed up to bed after making all the pies, stuffing, ironing on linens, and prep chopping on Wednesday night when our dishwasher starting dinging 15 minutes after we started running it.  A few hours of using our wet vac and dissembling and reassembling our not quite year and a half year old dishwasher, we decided to hand wash all the dished that had been loaded in it and finally hit the hay just before 2 am and call a repairman next week.

Josh got up at 7 to stuff and put the bird in the roaster.  His parents had gone to bed early and were already having breakfast.  Since Molly didn't like being left behind while everyone else was having a party downstairs, she and I headed down.  Since I have been suffering from pregnancy insomnia for the past few weeks, I didn't really think having just five hours of sleep would phase me, plus I wanted to get my hands on all the Black Friday ads in the paper.

We watched the parade and I set the table while Josh did all the cooking.  Around noon I left to pick up some of our friends, and we had a great time visiting with all our guests while everything finished up!

Last year the turkey took two less hours to reach 180 than we planned and this year it took two more hours to reach 180 than we planned.  It worked out well because everyone enjoyed appetizers, sweet tea and wine while we waited. 

We slimmed down our appetizer offerings to deviled eggs and cranberry salsa served over cream cheese - as to not fill up before the big meal.

Dinner included:
Roast Turkey
Cornbread Dressing & Stuffing
Cranberry Wild Rice
Mashed Potatoes
Green Bean Casserole
Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Wild Mushrooms and Cream Sauce
Pineapple Casserole
Tomato Aspic
Sweet Potato Casserole
Mashed Rutabaga
Honey Glazed Carrots
Turkey Gravy
Cranberry Sauce
Yeast Rolls

For Dessert:
Pumpkin Cheesecake
Apple Pie
Pecan Pie
Served with Whipped Cream and French Vanilla Ice Cream
Coffee and Tea

It's really a shame that I didn't snap a picture of the desserts because they were truly the BEST I've ever had.  Actually everything was amazing.  Spending time with friends and family, the great food-it's what Thanksgiving is all about.

Unfortunately, I ate too much and ended up getting really sick.  So sick in fact we had to abort all Black Friday shopping.  I ended up in the hospital getting an IV and anti-nausea medicine.  Needless to say I did not finishing my Christmas shopping or do all our decorating as planned.

I was also going to host the Game Viewing Party for the DC Gator Club today, which isn't happening either since I can't even walk down the stairs.  I am taking it easy, eating saltines, and getting rest so I can get back on my feet.  Lesson learned, there is no such thing as pushing through when 8 months pregnant.  It's so hard for me to sit back and take it easy, when there are so many things I want to do.


Feeling Thankful

The in laws have arrived, I'm getting ready to enact my thanksgiving prep timeline and have my details planned out as to which pots and pans every dish will be prepared and served in.

I'm in love with the Target Black Friday spokes person, and have been planning our shopping trips. We don't know how we feel about midnight, but we will be there! Do y'all enjoy it as much as us?!?

We have so much to be thankful for this year. I'm thankful for the improving health of my parents, my brother serving our country, my wonderful husband, our baby on the way and the kicks he gives me all day, miss Molly our beagle baby, our loving family and fantastic friends.

I hope everyone has lots to be thankful for this year, Happy Thanksgiving!

Lots of Love,



At least my bed is made

I never planted my pansy's. I didn't let them die, I just never went to get them, or plant them.  Now as I look out on my porch I just see empty planters boxes lining the railing. 

My to-do lists are longer than there are hours in the day. 
I missed a great visitor speaking to all the Junior League Chairs yesterday. 
Our Thanksgiving headcount is up to 14, normally this would excite me, but makes my 7 month pregnant self wonder if we'll be eating on time.
I HAVE to get our Holiday Party Invites in the mail TODAY.
My husband seems to think he is going to get the nursery wainscoating up and the whole room painted in one day so he can go to the Redskins game on Sunday.  I am scared for my household!
My in-laws arrive on Tuesday, I don't feel ready for them or anyone else to come in and stay for a bit.  I can't wait to see them, just feel like there is so much to do before they come.
I didn't stick to my laundry schedule this week, and need to fold - it's Friday and I'm supposed to knock it out on Monday!
I never took pictures of my fall decor, it's been up since September and will be down in a week to make way for Christmas.
Like I said yesterday, we took our Christmas/Holiday Card picture in October and I still haven't ordered cards.
I don't think the groceries that we are going to buy tonight for our 12 friends, our house guests and ourselves to eat over the next few days will even fit in our fridge.
It's noon, and I haven't taken a shower yet.
BUT - At least my bed is made.


Oh Christmas Card

Well Holiday card in our case.  I have been on a hunt for a super cute card that reflects our multiple holiday household-and you know that doesn't cost a fortune to mail to all our family and friends-ha!

We took professional pictures in October, I have been updating my address spreadsheet, spent hours on every card website I could find, but I just can't pull the trigger.  I wanted to drop our 2011 cards in the mail the day after Thanksgiving, but unless I get a visit from some elves a little early that isn't going to happen.  Heck, I still need to address our Holiday Party invites-this will be done by Friday!

Our needs for our card are to be Holiday Neutral (we celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah) while joyous, cheerful and full of the spirit Josh and I have for the season. Problem solved with Tiny Prints!  I've always loved this site, and in fact my mother is currently addressing baby shower invites for the DC soiree she and my friends are hosting for me and Baby T in January from Tiny Prints.

An added bonus, they’re offering up 50 free holiday cards of your choice to ANY blogger that writes about Tiny Prints cards on their blog this week! Interested? Just fill out this form, and a rep from Tiny Prints will contact you with further instructions.

I love that they offer both a Christmas Card and Holiday Card section - makes my browsing so much more efficient.   Now which card to choose?!?

Which is your favorite?  Where did you order your cards from?


Thank You Veterans

I'm very thankful to all those who have served or are serving to give us the freedom and America that I love.

Thanks Dad and thanks Murphey! Can't wait for you to be back home from Qutar and shave off that hideous combat stash!

Lots of Love,



Out of Comission

I've been as productive as possible considering I have such a bad cold, my teeth hurt. I bit the bullet and finally took some extra strength Tylenol today. I would have sooner, neither my husband nor I could find the half dozen bottles I have bought during my pregnancy. Only Advil, Excedrine and Alieve-of course!

Despite being at the disadvantage of being 7 months preggo and sick as a dog, I'm getting things done. Like getting things checked off my to-do list that have been on it since August, getting a ticket (where the filing fee is double the cost of the infraction) for not stopping all the way at a stop sign, voting, lunching and shopping with my bestie, lots and lots of Dr Appointments, ordering our Holiday party invites, trying to pick out and order Christmas Cards, planning Thanksgiving menu and grocery list, picking the paint color for the nursery, DAR-ing, Junior Leaguing, sorority advising.

Ok I'm starting to feel a little better about not finishing folding and putting away that last half load of laundry this afternoon!

Now to just find a DQ to quell my craving for a pumpkin pie blizzard.

Lots of Love,



New Fall Scarf!

A few weeks ago, I signed up to participate in a Scarf Swap, hosted by the lovely Angela at Sweet Tea Diaries.  I've been reading her blog for years, and just love the stories of this southern belle living on the west coast.  I also love that we are sorority sisters (from different schools), too!

I was paired up with Mrs. Jansson from The Jansson Family.  She sent me the most perfect scarf, and extra goodies as well!!  I just love it, thank you so much!!  I'll be donning an ivory coat this winter, something new for me.  Most of my scarves are bright and solid, so I am thrilled with this fun pattern and earth tones.
I love the Burt's Bees-how did she know I was addicted?!? 

I have the fire roaring and am ordering my Holiday Party Invites and Christmas Cards, today.  My friend Christy is over and treated me to my first "red cup" of the season, YAY for half calf Peppermint Mocha's!  I returned the favor by treating her to lunch.  She had Josh's homemade chili and I had my homemade chicken noodle with salads-yuum.  Nothing is more fun than spending the afternoon with friends by the fire!


In all honesty, I thought I would be updating my pregnancy stats every week. It's more like once a month, but my new take on life is to just roll with it, so I am.

Babies first Florida Georgia (I'm wearing the same outfit I did to Tennessee, except for my snazzy new Gator jewelry)

I even made a list of things to blog about this week, and now that it's Wednesday and I'm putting in my hour wait for my glucose test-I figure now is the best time to go for it.

How far along: 27 Weeks

Size of baby: Head of cauliflower

Total Weight Gain/loss: Gained one pound, not too shabby rounding out my sixth month. My little guy weighs at least 2 pounds by now, I guess I have to thank the nausea that has hung in with me the entire pregnancy for helping me maintain my weight.

Maternity Clothes: Pregnancy jeans are a God send! I can still make some regular items work with the assistance of pregnancy tanks-which are worn daily. I've had to get more maternity clothes than I thought I would, but am very thankful to have found cute items that mix and match well!

Gender: It's a BOY! His initials will be JAT, a tradition in Josh's family. We plan to use family names, pretty sure we have a middle, and have narrowed down a few options for his first. Hate to disappoint anyone routing for Timmy Tebow Thompson-ha!

Movement: He not only kicks, flips and fist pumps 24/7, but moves my entire middle region/body while doing it. It's no longer a matter of feeling him kick, but seeing him kick.

Sleep: Had my first sleepless night this past weekend, I blame the hotel bed and Little J for doing the hokie pokie for that. I try and get as much sleep as possible because A. I'm tired and B. I know I will never have the option to sleep in for the next 20 or so years.

What I miss: Semi Graceful Mobility (no pain, moans or groans). Being able to lay on my back in bed without pain shooting up and down my legs (I just want to read a book or magazine people). Feeling full (I can't eat enough to get full, and if I come close it comes right back up).

Cravings: Sweets. I've always enjoyed desserts, but they are now in high demand. This little guy is just like his daddy and loves his chocolate. Mini candy bars are kept around the house and in my purse for chocolate emergencies. I'm really hoping I pass my gestational diabetes test today, because it will be a sad sad holiday season without sugar sprinkled on top.

Symptoms: You name it, I have it. Indigestion worse than I could have ever possibly imagined. I'm sick again everyday, but somehow more intense than before. Back/pelvic/leg pain. I'm a walking disaster-ha!

Best Moment: getting to feel my little guy move and groove, talking to Josh about being parents, getting an email that our crib has been shipped (right after getting one that it was delayed another month-ha)!

Lots of Love,