Oh Christmas Card

Well Holiday card in our case.  I have been on a hunt for a super cute card that reflects our multiple holiday household-and you know that doesn't cost a fortune to mail to all our family and friends-ha!

We took professional pictures in October, I have been updating my address spreadsheet, spent hours on every card website I could find, but I just can't pull the trigger.  I wanted to drop our 2011 cards in the mail the day after Thanksgiving, but unless I get a visit from some elves a little early that isn't going to happen.  Heck, I still need to address our Holiday Party invites-this will be done by Friday!

Our needs for our card are to be Holiday Neutral (we celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah) while joyous, cheerful and full of the spirit Josh and I have for the season. Problem solved with Tiny Prints!  I've always loved this site, and in fact my mother is currently addressing baby shower invites for the DC soiree she and my friends are hosting for me and Baby T in January from Tiny Prints.

An added bonus, they’re offering up 50 free holiday cards of your choice to ANY blogger that writes about Tiny Prints cards on their blog this week! Interested? Just fill out this form, and a rep from Tiny Prints will contact you with further instructions.

I love that they offer both a Christmas Card and Holiday Card section - makes my browsing so much more efficient.   Now which card to choose?!?

Which is your favorite?  Where did you order your cards from?


I Do Declare said...

I love to use Tiny Prints for birthday cards, b/c I'm so bad abuot buying a card and then never mailing it - it's a one stop shop with Tiny Prints! Their holiday card designs are cute, too - I will be checking out this blogger deal for sure - THANKS!

PS - If I know you, you've already got holiday cards in mind for next year when Baby TTT is here - heee!

Mama T said...

LOVE Tiny Prints and have used them for last year's Christmas Cards! Now - depending on how many good pics we actually get back from the photographer... I'll know which card I get to pick this year :)