In all honesty, I thought I would be updating my pregnancy stats every week. It's more like once a month, but my new take on life is to just roll with it, so I am.

Babies first Florida Georgia (I'm wearing the same outfit I did to Tennessee, except for my snazzy new Gator jewelry)

I even made a list of things to blog about this week, and now that it's Wednesday and I'm putting in my hour wait for my glucose test-I figure now is the best time to go for it.

How far along: 27 Weeks

Size of baby: Head of cauliflower

Total Weight Gain/loss: Gained one pound, not too shabby rounding out my sixth month. My little guy weighs at least 2 pounds by now, I guess I have to thank the nausea that has hung in with me the entire pregnancy for helping me maintain my weight.

Maternity Clothes: Pregnancy jeans are a God send! I can still make some regular items work with the assistance of pregnancy tanks-which are worn daily. I've had to get more maternity clothes than I thought I would, but am very thankful to have found cute items that mix and match well!

Gender: It's a BOY! His initials will be JAT, a tradition in Josh's family. We plan to use family names, pretty sure we have a middle, and have narrowed down a few options for his first. Hate to disappoint anyone routing for Timmy Tebow Thompson-ha!

Movement: He not only kicks, flips and fist pumps 24/7, but moves my entire middle region/body while doing it. It's no longer a matter of feeling him kick, but seeing him kick.

Sleep: Had my first sleepless night this past weekend, I blame the hotel bed and Little J for doing the hokie pokie for that. I try and get as much sleep as possible because A. I'm tired and B. I know I will never have the option to sleep in for the next 20 or so years.

What I miss: Semi Graceful Mobility (no pain, moans or groans). Being able to lay on my back in bed without pain shooting up and down my legs (I just want to read a book or magazine people). Feeling full (I can't eat enough to get full, and if I come close it comes right back up).

Cravings: Sweets. I've always enjoyed desserts, but they are now in high demand. This little guy is just like his daddy and loves his chocolate. Mini candy bars are kept around the house and in my purse for chocolate emergencies. I'm really hoping I pass my gestational diabetes test today, because it will be a sad sad holiday season without sugar sprinkled on top.

Symptoms: You name it, I have it. Indigestion worse than I could have ever possibly imagined. I'm sick again everyday, but somehow more intense than before. Back/pelvic/leg pain. I'm a walking disaster-ha!

Best Moment: getting to feel my little guy move and groove, talking to Josh about being parents, getting an email that our crib has been shipped (right after getting one that it was delayed another month-ha)!

Lots of Love,



Melissa said...

Bummer…I was so looking forward to Timmy Tebow Thompson : )

Dee Stephens said...

Exciting stuff!! Good for you on the one pound!

The Lasher Family said...

Aww, Bella has the same initials as Ian... IEL. We might try to keep that a tradition, too. Tough loss for you guys last weekend.

Suzie said...

Love it! You know...Jamie's initials are JAT. Great minds think alike!!!