At least my bed is made

I never planted my pansy's. I didn't let them die, I just never went to get them, or plant them.  Now as I look out on my porch I just see empty planters boxes lining the railing. 

My to-do lists are longer than there are hours in the day. 
I missed a great visitor speaking to all the Junior League Chairs yesterday. 
Our Thanksgiving headcount is up to 14, normally this would excite me, but makes my 7 month pregnant self wonder if we'll be eating on time.
I HAVE to get our Holiday Party Invites in the mail TODAY.
My husband seems to think he is going to get the nursery wainscoating up and the whole room painted in one day so he can go to the Redskins game on Sunday.  I am scared for my household!
My in-laws arrive on Tuesday, I don't feel ready for them or anyone else to come in and stay for a bit.  I can't wait to see them, just feel like there is so much to do before they come.
I didn't stick to my laundry schedule this week, and need to fold - it's Friday and I'm supposed to knock it out on Monday!
I never took pictures of my fall decor, it's been up since September and will be down in a week to make way for Christmas.
Like I said yesterday, we took our Christmas/Holiday Card picture in October and I still haven't ordered cards.
I don't think the groceries that we are going to buy tonight for our 12 friends, our house guests and ourselves to eat over the next few days will even fit in our fridge.
It's noon, and I haven't taken a shower yet.
BUT - At least my bed is made.


Aja said...

Oh dear Sarah. I wish I could say that this feeling will end once your pregnancy does, but today I cried a bit in the shower while praying because I felt like such a failure in so many areas of my life (and I only showered because Dave comes home from a business trip this afternoon and I like to greet him having showered). Six loads of unfolded laundry litter the front room, the breakfast dishes were still on the table and in the kitchen, so much holiday stuff needs to be done, and my house truly needs to be completely reorganized.

But the truth of it is, kids take up all your time. And really, you'll probably just want to sit and stare at your baby. You'll learn, like we all do, to let a lot of things go- not just things around the house but expectations and commitments. I love how Jenn Hatmaker puts it- when you have small children it's the time to draw your boundaries tight, say no to some things and not now to others. It's not easy, and I think it's a constant process (at least for me), but I don't think my kids will remember the bfast dishes and they surely won't remember the laundry. I hope they'll remember the mornings playing dinosaur fighting games, of spinning in circles with Mommy watching, of lots of books and not a lot of schedules.

So I guess the point is, give yourself a break and enjoy the last few months of your pregnancy. I'm so excited for what 2012 has in store for you!

Dee Stephens said...

I'm excited for you too! You're getting close!

Lexilooo said...

if it makes you feel any better, I did not make my bed this morning :)

The Lasher Family said...

You will learn to surrender to these minor things. Having a family, especially with children is all about balance. Yesterday I left food on Bella's highchair tray and dirty breakfast dishes on the kitchen table to run to a play date. To me (and probably Bella) having the play time and interaction with her little friends is probably way more important than cleaning the kitchen. You will learn to let go of things, because there's really no other way to survive. You're truly in for a roller coaster ride, just sit down, buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Beck said...

Sarah, You are a super woman! Just remember that. You are going to be a fantastic mother!