Coming out of the pregnancy coma of extreme fatigue and nausea every moment of my life, and my soul nutrition coming from grilled cheese, mac and cheese, cheese pizza and my daily tomato sandwich, I have made it a priority to bring on the veggies. I stared with ranch dip and carrot sticks, then back to my old standard of hummus and veggies, and then I went bold and made bean dip, and dipped veggies, not chips in it.
I know, I know!

I loved the dip, made more and brought it to a friends house, people loved it, and asked how to make it. I felt special and split the beans. Seriously though, I'm sharing a non sour cream, cream cheese or velveta cheese based dip for Diptacular, I may be hung for this!

Black Bean Dip

2 plum tomatoes
A quarter of a red onion
A handful of cilantro
2 cans black beans, drained
1 tablespoon ground cumin
As much hot sauce as you can handle
1 lime

Place the tomatoes, onion and cilantro into the bowl of your Cuisinart and pulse until well chopped. Add the black beans, cumin, hot sauce, lime juice and salt, to taste, and pulse until the mixture is mostly smooth. Scrape into a decorative bowl and garnish with cilantro sprigs. Serve sliced zucchini and/or with tortilla chips.

We love dips in our house-seriously!

I feel like it would be wrong if I didn't share with you my favorite dip of all time which is the Pioneer Woman's Salsa.

Maybe next year I can share my hubby's BBQ Chicken Dip which is Amazing and velveta cheese based, see I have redeeming qualities.


17 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights

I am going to blame my favorite pregnancy symptom, what was it again, oh yeah, pregnancy brain, on my lack of pregnancy posts.  I just darn forget.  I forget to take belly pictures, I forget to write posts, I forget why I walked up the stairs four times yesterday...

How far along:  17 weeks

Size of baby: Baby Thompson is the size of a sweet potato
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I was one pound shy of my pre-pregnancy weight at our OB appointment this week.  Praying to keep the weight gain neutral for a few more weeks as I'm only allowed to gain 15 the whole pregnancy.

Maternity Clothes: Waiting for the pairs of black leggings and super long layering tanks I ordered to come in.  I've come to realize quickly that items I thought I could make work, probably won't.  Plus my summer uniform (after I got out of PJ mode) of white jeans and white linen pants will be retired in the next few days.  I'm starting to freak out a little.  Especially when it comes time for a winter coat.  In the meantime thank goodness for Josh's t-shirts.

Gender: We are going to find out in another two weeks.  I haven't bought a single baby item yet, which is impossible to believe, I'm so excited to find out!!

Movement: I know our little one is doing all kinds of crazy things in the beautiful indoor swimming pool I am maintaining in my stomach for it.  The past few days I've thought I've felt something, but just don't know...  So many crazy things are happening to my body-I can't keep track of what's what.

Sleep: Thank goodness for the pregnancy pillow.  Although I shift around a lot (which is getting harder by the day) I'm able to sleep pretty well.  Unless there is an aftershock from the earthquake, those wake me up-ha!  And my Dr said all that sleeping on your side junk isn't true.  So I sleep every which way I like except I have to get pretty creative with some pillows if I try for my stomach.

What I miss: Dang you pregnancy brain.  I always think of really funny stuff to write here, and ALWAYS forget.  Had wine night with some friends on Wednesday and totally missed having a glass (or three).

Cravings: I'm starting to want sweet things-this is really a first for the whole pregnancy.  I had chocolate and coffee ice cream today-there goes my neutral weight gain-ha!  I'm a lot hungrier now, but still don't eat too much-half a sandwich here, a cup of ice cream there.  Dream of going to never ending pasta bowl...

Symptoms: Well my back pain and constant heart burn hit right on schedule.  I go to physical therapy three times a week now and do my stretches and exercises religiously so I don't end up in paralyzing back pain again anytime soon.

Best Moment: Josh bring an original Peter Cottontail from London for the nursery.  Hearing the heart beat (142) at our OB appt.  Finding out one of the doctors at my physical therapy place is a Gator.  We try to only go to medical professionals, who went to UF.  Sometimes we'll flex out to another SEC school, but try to maintain our alliance.


Shakin and Quakin

We just had a fairly large, yet moderate earthquake here in Virginia.  It was a 5.9, and the epicenter was about 80 miles south of my house. 

I really didn't know what was going on, but headed to a doorway.  I don't think I ever made it there or if I did stayed there because I was distracted by pictures falling off shelves and the dogs barking (I'm watching my friends dog while they are on vacation).  The few minutes it lasted I tried calling Josh over and over to quickly find cell phones were not working.  I just wanted confirmation of what was happening, and someone to talk to about it!  I finally got him on our land line on his cell, where he told me he was evacuating his office building.

Then I turned to google-"DC Earthquake," nothing - then gchat, "um, was that just an earthquake" to all my open chats then more started popping up-are you ok?  I turned to facebook for confirmation, and my newsfeed was on fire.  Ok at least I know that it happened.  Texted my parents, and a few friends.  Turned on the news.  White House, Pentagon, The Hill all evacuated.  Ok, I felt better I know what it was and our house wasn't imploding-ha!

The news just reported that impromptu happy hours are breaking out all over DC, if only I could have a cocktail, it is a truly beautiful day to be sitting out on the waterfront in Georgetown...

Side note, the dogs are still very skiddish even though currently snoozing-the ice machine in the freezer just made a noise and they both started running around like crazy, I guess we are still on high alert over here!



Earlier this summer Josh and I trekked out to the West Coast to for one of my college roommate's and good friend's wedding.

I hadn't been to Seattle, so we were originally planning to make a week and a half stint out of the trip, due to the demands of my then job, we cut it down to just a long weekend.  Little did we know, I would have resigned by the time we went out there.

I was super sick for most of the trip, so maybe it was a blessing that we just went for a short time.  Heading out I had grand plans of seeing all the sites, having dinner in the space needle, NONE of which happened-ha.  I have learned to be much more flexible, and that I don't call the shots anymore.

We did take a short stroll around the Public Market, I of course loved it.  

Amazing fresh flowers!

Josh liked the fish mongers tossing their orders around.

I realized early in the day I needed to cancel our reservation for dinner at the space needle, and we planned to do something a little more low key with for dinner with Josh's mom, who was in Seattle for a conference.  Low key is right because I "took a nap" and they just had appetizers in the concierge lounge at the hotel.  Josh brought me back a small plate, which was good because when I woke up from my "nap" at 11 pm, he was already asleep.

The next morning we headed out to wine country for all the festivities!


Football Season

Wow, I can't believe it's right around the corner.  What I really can't believe for the first time ever my life doesn't feel completely engrossed by it, cha-cha-cha-changes.

Of course we've made plans, we're going to a handful of games, but I need to get on the ball and coordinate all my outfits-ha!  I've been enjoying Copacetic in Carolina's Tailgating posts the past few weeks, but looking at her brunch recipes made me think of how good our tailgate breakfasts are.  Then, I realized we pull into the RV lot right after the gates open at 8 am, which means getting up at 6:30 to meet our group at Law School Publix by 7:00.  I don't know if I ready for this after all...

I do know we won't be making the trip to Florida until the Tennessee Game, and our seats for the 3:30 kick-off are a few rows off the field on the 50 yard line.  I've decided to help me cope with the Florida sunshine I'll be needing a big ole hat!  Since it is the Tennessee Game, I'll be sporting a blue dress.  I did want to get a cute orange a-symmetrical number, I just couldn't do orange for Tennessee.  So I'm recycling a dress from last season (Josh, you did just read that):
and I'm thinking this Marley Lilly hat with a blue monogram.
I've got a little more time to figure things out for Kentucky, LSU and FL GA.  Even though I'm helping to plan the DC Gators road trip to Kentucky, it's still 50/50 in my book.  If I can convince Josh that we need to take an extra day on the way to Lexington to stay at the Greenbriar, it may move higher on my priority list-ha!

To get into the spirit, I wanted to share this little number, also seen first at Copacetic in Carolina.  Of course they picked the TACKIEST Florida fans, but hey it is what it is. 


Bad Mommy

Apparently to be good parents, we needed to have put down a deposit to be on a waiting list for nursery schools back when we got engaged 3+ years ago.

The next available birthing class at our hospital is when I'm far into my 8th month, and I'm feeling like a failure already. I guess everything will be fresh in my mind, as long as I don't have the baby before my class is even over!

I feel like if we were back home in Florida, I would know all the right things to do, the exact school to enroll our children in, when to do it, where to go, etc, etc, but since Josh just turned down a job offer back in Tampa, that along with the 5 bedroom waterfront home I had already picked out will not be happening anytime soon.

Here, in Virginia, I don't even know what the good schools are, to even look at their missions, admission process, curriculum-yet alone get on the wait list.

Let's not even talk about what color we are going to paint the nursery, that another topic that makes me want to throw my hands up in the air and sigh.

At least I'm able to take my prenatal vitamins now (thanks to the sour gummy form I found them in).  Ahhhhhh



It's defined as a vacation taken by a couple that is expecting a baby in order to allow the couple to enjoy a final trip together before the many sleepless nights that usually accompany a newborn baby.

Wait you mean to tell me that after the two months of extreme sickness and fatigue I just overcame, I have countless sleepless nights ahead of me?  I need a vacation!

Our trip to Greece was supposed to "kick-off" our baby making voyage, but with the demands of my new job we had actually decided to postpone the baby making part of the voyage until this fall.  The joke was on us because, we had already made a baby!

So here I am getting to plan a second trip of a lifetime just a few months after returning from our last.  Thank you hard working husband (you're welcome for carrying your child). 

I posed the question on facebook last week:

and was surprised with the responses.  The overwhelming opinion was to head to Hawaii.  Points were made that I'd miss out on the Italian wine, but others countered to say the gelato makes up for it.  One of my friends was even lucky enough to go to both Hawaii and Italy while pregnant.  I have to say going into this I was leaning toward Italy, when we vacation we typically hit the perfect mix of seeing the sites, eating amazing food and relaxing.  But as I've learned in this past four months of pregnancy is that my perfect mix of activity vs leisure time varies greatly by week even by day.  So the though of lounging in the warm sun by the pool or ocean has become more appealing, especially with my most recent pregnancy development of Sciatic.  

Yes we will be planning this get away during football season.  Josh even went so far as to suggest we stay at the Ritz in New Orleans or Amelia Island the week before the LSU or FL GA games.  While we still plan to go to both games, I kind of feel been there done that, and with his newest airline status level we get to fly first class everywhere we go (no more hoping to be upgraded).  I feel personally responsible to take advantage of this "perk".  

Plus who can say no to this?
My top three Marriott Resorts in Hawaii

So where did you, are you or would you go on your babymoon?


Back to Work

In my younger days, I used to joke that Junior League was the full time job for stay at home mom's.  Oh little did I know...  I've always loved volunteering and now I sure am glad that I started getting involved with some different organizations around town instead of sitting on the sofa and veggin out every night with the hubs and our dog.

Now that I'm coming out of the first trimester coma I've been in.  I can have as many or as few of activities to fill my schedule that will work.   Granted, I have some catching up to do on some projects I couldn't get to these past few weeks.  But, I'm really looking forward to chairing a fantastic committee this year with JL and can't tell you how much I enjoy spending waaaay too much time gchatting with the VP of Membership that I advise about sorority recruitment-ha! 

Today I actually have things to do outside of the house, like help prepare the DC DAR Chapter House for the upcoming year in addition to going to my water walking class in the evening. 

OK-yes I did just sound like a 70-year-old there. 

Today is also thank-you note day and make next week's menu/grocery list day in my home management schedule.  Ahh what an adventurous life I lead, well at least I am getting to things that are seriously overdue.  I may actually mail a package to my mom that I've had in my car for a few months on errand day-wow!


Walking on Water

Well, walking in water.  In addition to climbing Mount Washmore, I also did a water walking class yesterday.  It was sooo fun!

A water park here in NOVA, closes it's Lazy River at 6:30 to the public for a water walking class.

We did stretches and exercises a la water aerobics and walked laps with and against the current.

One word.  Amazing!

My friend Chris told me about it and we went last night, it was sooo super fun.  We are sad we didn't know about it all summer, but will be making the most of it for the next three weeks.  I'm still getting used to all the pools closing Labor Day, here.  This FL girl is used to 365 days of pool time, but I'll be happy with what I've got! 


Getting There

I think I'm rounding the corner here.  I'm still getting sick more than a few times a day, BUT I don't have this overwhelming veil of exhaustion and nausea blanketing me all the time-YAY!  Plus, I'm kind of getting an appetite.  Last night we had BBQ shrimp, grilled zucchini and cheese grits for dinner.  Ok, that's what Josh had, but I tried to eat everything before totally disgusted with my plate-ha!

With this new "burst" of energy (ie I am actually able to get off the sofa for more than a few minutes a day) I decided it was time to start embracing my new career as a stay at home wife/mom.  I have to admit, I was inspired the past few weeks by the Blue Eyed Bride and her journey to create her home organization notebook.  With the burning question of how am I going to handle everything around the house AND a newborn I began researching how other domestic divas "do it all."  I've loved what I've found (and will share my resources soon) and am developing a schedule/routine to keep up with both the house and everything else in my life, which will be reflected in my beautiful home organization notebook.  Half-way though Day 1 I'm loving it.  Monday is laundry day, since I have more than a month's worth of folding and washing to do, I better get back to climbing Mount Washmore!

Looking forward to next week, when I just have to wash what we wore this week, plus my cleaning peeps come on Wednesday which will give me a fresh start on everything!

Lots of Love,



14 Weeks

Pregancy Highlights

How far along:  14 weeks, the real end of the first trimester.  Thanks to my friend who didn't have the heart to tell me pregnancy math isn't the same as normal math and the first "tri"mester isn't 3 months, it's 3 and a half.  I thought I was in the clear almost three weeks ago-ha!

Size of baby: Baby Thompson is the size of a lemon

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Still down some, although I think I may be getting my appetite back...

Maternity Clothes: Not there yet.  Asked Josh to grab me a pair of pants while he was in the closet yesterday and he handed me ones with a zipper and button (I've been sticking with elastic waistbands lately).  I was about to get mad, and ask him what he was thinking, but threw them on and was suprised they fit nicly.  After walking the dog I realized that they were not that comfortable and changed back to old faithful elastic. 

Gender: The great debate.  I want to know, Josh doesn't.  I feel like after all I've been through these past few weeks AND what I will be going through, I need a reward.  We had reached a temporary compromise that Josh would get me an embrodery machine so I could personalize and monogram everything after the baby is born, but I'm back to wanting to know now.  Our next ultrasound is set for 20 weeks, so we still have a month to "compromise."

Movement: Our little baby is all kinds of active. I can't feel it yet, but have seen him/her waving, bouncing and swimming around at our last two ultrasounds.

Sleep: Start to get much harder to find a comfortable position.  Not sure if I'm not allowed to sleep on my back or stomach anymore-why are there so many rules?  We are making our first joint trip to Babies R Us this weekend to get one of those pregancy pillows for me. 

What I miss: Remembering things (this baby is taking all my brain cells).  Life off the sofa and out of bed.  I have spent most of my time there, I'm ready to start doing things again!

Cravings: Still in survival mode. Very basic, very carby.  Plain mashed potatoes, cheese pizza getting a peach and banana in there.  Ocassional grilled cheese and tomato sandwich (my summer survival food).

Symptoms: I think I'm turning a corner on the all day nausea.  Can't tell if I feel better or have just learned to cope with feeling sick better.  Lord know's I'm complained about it enough.  Also if it's a symptom, I've gotten it, like clock work.  Enflamed and bleeding gums?  Oh yes, I noticed that when I brushed my teeth this morning.  Most symptoms are far grosser than the gum issue, so I will not share further than that-ha!

Best Moment: Feeling like I may be turning a corner with the sickness here, finding sour gummy prenatal vitamins, and preggy pops.


Doesn't get much better

Can you believe I haven't even cracked these babies open?

Neither can I, time to get busy!

What are your favorite magazines?

Lots of Love,



Singing in the rain?

In trying to follow the old adage of, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."  I've been kind of quite the past few weeks. 

Pretty much I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I know I'm experiencing the biggest miracle of my life, but at the same time completely sick and miserable.  So, I decided instead of sounding ungrateful (which I'm not) or angry (which I am, but don't know why) better to just keep my misery to myself, and of course Josh-ha!  Humm, maybe that's why he keeps going on super long business trips.

Fantastic things keep happening despite my personal pitty party.

Last week I was able to welcome baby Sophia into the world.  One of my best friends had her second baby on Sunday and I was in charge of Big Brother Jack.  Well, maybe he was in charge of me...

She is soo tiny, I can't believe that I am going to have a baby in a few more months-wow! 

Molly also had her knee surgery last week, Jack even helped me take her to the doggie doctor.  She is doing great, and I am keeping up with her very long post op instructions.  I even learned how to give her shots. 

One day last week everything did get to be a little much, and I was very grateful Josh was in town and his office was half a mile from our house because he was able to help me big time by bringing me some lunch and helped to get Molly situated.  It's hard to carry her out to the bathroom in 100+ degree heat and up and down the stairs in the house, yes I realize carrying her maybe good practice for things to come...

I've got a lot of really great things happening in my life, so eventually I'm going to have to turn this frown upside down, come on sunshine of the second trimester!