It's defined as a vacation taken by a couple that is expecting a baby in order to allow the couple to enjoy a final trip together before the many sleepless nights that usually accompany a newborn baby.

Wait you mean to tell me that after the two months of extreme sickness and fatigue I just overcame, I have countless sleepless nights ahead of me?  I need a vacation!

Our trip to Greece was supposed to "kick-off" our baby making voyage, but with the demands of my new job we had actually decided to postpone the baby making part of the voyage until this fall.  The joke was on us because, we had already made a baby!

So here I am getting to plan a second trip of a lifetime just a few months after returning from our last.  Thank you hard working husband (you're welcome for carrying your child). 

I posed the question on facebook last week:

and was surprised with the responses.  The overwhelming opinion was to head to Hawaii.  Points were made that I'd miss out on the Italian wine, but others countered to say the gelato makes up for it.  One of my friends was even lucky enough to go to both Hawaii and Italy while pregnant.  I have to say going into this I was leaning toward Italy, when we vacation we typically hit the perfect mix of seeing the sites, eating amazing food and relaxing.  But as I've learned in this past four months of pregnancy is that my perfect mix of activity vs leisure time varies greatly by week even by day.  So the though of lounging in the warm sun by the pool or ocean has become more appealing, especially with my most recent pregnancy development of Sciatic.  

Yes we will be planning this get away during football season.  Josh even went so far as to suggest we stay at the Ritz in New Orleans or Amelia Island the week before the LSU or FL GA games.  While we still plan to go to both games, I kind of feel been there done that, and with his newest airline status level we get to fly first class everywhere we go (no more hoping to be upgraded).  I feel personally responsible to take advantage of this "perk".  

Plus who can say no to this?
My top three Marriott Resorts in Hawaii

So where did you, are you or would you go on your babymoon?


Dee Stephens said...

I think I would be nervous to go that far away from home being pregnant but that's just me.
Alaskan cruise -- but again, that might be too far.
I'm thinking Jackson Hole, Wyoming or for a long weekend The Greenbriar(just b/c I've never been there).

Lexilooo said...

oooh, enjoy!

I may go to England...tea, crumpets and scones?! what's not to love!

(not that I am expecting, or will be anytime soon....!)

I Do Declare said...

I am probably the only person in the world who didn't just LOVE Hawaii. It was beautiful, sure, but the flight (and the jet lag!) from the East Coast was FOR REAL! I would go to Europe!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

You will have a wonderful sweet time where ever you go.... you'll be with your love...who needs more?
It's all good. Enjoy!

Gia said...

I've been to Kauai. the snorkeling was my favorite part. Can you snorkel while pregnant? I didn't like the long flight.

I would go to the East coast (I'm in the Midwest) maybe FL, SC, ... I guess it depends on the season.