Walking on Water

Well, walking in water.  In addition to climbing Mount Washmore, I also did a water walking class yesterday.  It was sooo fun!

A water park here in NOVA, closes it's Lazy River at 6:30 to the public for a water walking class.

We did stretches and exercises a la water aerobics and walked laps with and against the current.

One word.  Amazing!

My friend Chris told me about it and we went last night, it was sooo super fun.  We are sad we didn't know about it all summer, but will be making the most of it for the next three weeks.  I'm still getting used to all the pools closing Labor Day, here.  This FL girl is used to 365 days of pool time, but I'll be happy with what I've got! 


Dee Stephens said...

Stinks about the pools closing :( Looks like fun!

Ashley said...

That sounds so fun! I wish I could do a water walking class like that!

Bella Michelle said...

I did water aerobics years ago and loved it (well, liked it as much as I like any exercise!) We don't close our pool and usually can squeeze out September and it is still warm enough. I hate to "close" it because it is ugly to look at so we just keep it open year round.

I Do Declare said...

That sounds like a great workout! Maybe there's a Y or something with an indoor pool?

Ruth said...

That sounds lime a wonderful workout