Back to Work

In my younger days, I used to joke that Junior League was the full time job for stay at home mom's.  Oh little did I know...  I've always loved volunteering and now I sure am glad that I started getting involved with some different organizations around town instead of sitting on the sofa and veggin out every night with the hubs and our dog.

Now that I'm coming out of the first trimester coma I've been in.  I can have as many or as few of activities to fill my schedule that will work.   Granted, I have some catching up to do on some projects I couldn't get to these past few weeks.  But, I'm really looking forward to chairing a fantastic committee this year with JL and can't tell you how much I enjoy spending waaaay too much time gchatting with the VP of Membership that I advise about sorority recruitment-ha! 

Today I actually have things to do outside of the house, like help prepare the DC DAR Chapter House for the upcoming year in addition to going to my water walking class in the evening. 

OK-yes I did just sound like a 70-year-old there. 

Today is also thank-you note day and make next week's menu/grocery list day in my home management schedule.  Ahh what an adventurous life I lead, well at least I am getting to things that are seriously overdue.  I may actually mail a package to my mom that I've had in my car for a few months on errand day-wow!


Dee Stephens said...

Lady of Leisure! ;)

Kristin said...

Wait..I'm confused. Are you not working now? Did I miss something?