Tonight at Junior League

Soo on Tuesday nights I volunteer with adults with mental disabilities as one of my Junior League placements.  Tonight's theme was focused on health and a yoga activity.  As I was leaving work in heels, hose and skirt, I realized that I left my yoga clothes at home-great.  Luckily I had to drive past the mall on my way to the church where our group meets, so I ran in grabbed a T and yoga pants in less than 10 minutes, and in true last minute fashion-changed in the car.

Oh yes, the yoga leader had an emergency and couldn't make it.  So the whole running in and out of the mall in the rain, and changing in the car-not even worth it.  Awesome!

At least I got to spend time with my favorite guys there who love to talk about their TV shows and crock-pot cooking.  I spent the entire evening talking about slow cooking recipes and various CW shows, then we ranked our favorite tv networks.  Unfortunately none of the guys watch Real Housewives of Atlanta or Beverly Hills-which I think are my favorite shows right now!

Oh and the focus on healthy lifestyles?  I was telling everyone at my table how to make cake and Oreo balls-hey, it's the holidays right?



We love to throw a party at the Thompson house.

Thanksgiving was our first gathering in a while-the Great Thompson Flood threw us off a little bit.  We are looking forward to host a few Holiday parties to wrap up 2010.

A fun party for me requires lots of preparation, so I can enjoy the most time possible with our guests.

I was a little daring with our table linens this year and went with a burnt sienna, which I loved.   Of course I ironed all the napkins and linens on Wednesday, I would have done it earlier in the week, but was otherwise engaged.

Now, my next big decision-how to fold the napkins.

I went with the later version.

We like to wash all the crystal and china ahead of time and set the table the night prior.

Then I get my party planning aide out-post-it notes!  They are wonderful problem solvers for so many things.  In this situation, what dish will hold my beloved mashed potatoes. 
Then off for a good night of sleep.

Josh prepped the bird and dropped it into the roaster first thing in the morning.

The appy's were all cheese based.  Ahh the beautiful baked brie.

It was so popular some was gone before I snapped a picture.

The feast

I thought the pecan pie was amazing, then I had the apple on Friday.  Oh my... I will be so sad when it's all gone.  By far, the two best pies I've ever had.  So glad the hubs is a gifted pie baker!  Hope you and yours had a fantastic Thanksgiving.


Setting Goals

So over the past few weeks, I have come to realize that I do not have too many goals set right now.  I've always been a goal driven person, so I'm adding to the list of things I would like to accomplish.

First, I would like to be one of the volunteers that helps decorate the White House for Christmas, next year.  I'll be researching and networking to try to accomplish this in 2011.  In the meantime I am building my Christmas Decorating Resume.  At our last Daughters of the American Revolution meeting, I volunteered to help decorate the DAR Memorial Continental Hall for our open house.  I am so excited!

The open house is Wednesday, December 8, 2010 from 5:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m., so come by if you are in the area.

Another goal inspired by Starbucks buy one get one Holiday Coffee's last weekend is to try all the Starbucks Holiday Flavors this season.  So far I've had Peppermint Mocha - my all time favorite, and Gingerbread Latte.

On my to try list is Eggnog Latte and Creme Brulee Latte. As you can tell, I really like to challenge myself with my goals.

You know what I found out about last weekend from the very lovely I Do Declare?  Starbucks rewards cards=lots of perks.  Now that I've heard about Starbucks Rewards, I am spreading the word - who knew that for every drink you purchased with your registered Starbucks card, you could get stuff..
Free Coffee on my Birthday
Free soy milk and flavor pumps
Every 15th coffee on the house

I was telling a girl in my office who is a tried and true Starbucks addict that she needed to register her card stat. 

For a favor given a favor returned...

She told me about the 12 Days of Starbucks. 
So now, I'm telling you. 
If you Text  “12Days” to 29943 - you will get sent offers to your phone to bring into Starbucks starting Dec 1st.  You know I've already done it.

Speaking of Starbucks, guess who I met there today?  Mike from HGTV's Real Estate Intervention

I did a double take because, I felt that I totally knew him, but couldn't figure out how.  Did he work in my building?  Was he a client?  Where have I seen him, and then it clicked-I watch him on TV all the time.  He is so nice.  He had just sold a condo this morning in a building next to my office.

Humm maybe that's a sign that my next goal should be buying a bigger house, are you reading this Josh?  Wink, wink...


Menu Monday

What a menu I have to share this week!

Monday:  Lacey is having me over for Linguine & Clam Sauce - I'll be bringing a bottle of white along.  Josh has to starve, as we have only Thanksgiving dinner options in the fridge-which he is not allowed to eat...

Tuesday:  Chicken Divan and Rice.  A Morgan Family favorite, and nice comfort food for this holiday week.  Plus a great way to use the rest of the chicken I roasted last week.

Wednesday:  Salmon, Couscous and steamed Romanescro - otherwise known as coral broccoli.  Saw the romanescro at the grocery store, and wanted to try it.  This will be a nice lighter meal before the big show!

24 pound roasted Turkey

Mashed Potatoes
Sweet Potato Casserole
Corn Casserole
Green Bean Casserole
Mashed Rutabaga
Cranberry Sauce
Roasted Butternut Squash
Honey Glazed Carrots
Aspic-not a crowd pleaser...it's just for me

Pumpkin Pie
Apple Pie
Pecan Pie
Whipped Cream
Ice Cream

Friday:  Lots of Coffee to fuel me for our early morning escapades of Black Friday shopping. 
Leftovers, Leftovers and more Leftovers!



Is it really Friday?  Wow-what a crazy busy week!  I wouldn't have it any other way.

Lots of awesome things happening, means crazy busy right?

So last weekend was slightly dedicated to the Junior League, then my sorority pulled ahead and will probably remain the front runner for time commitments until after recruitment in January...because....I was asked to be the Membership Adviser!  Decorations, bump groups, skits, songs and video's?  YES PLEASE!

So my weekend kicked off at the March of Dimes Heroines in Technology Event on Friday night.  It was beautiful.  The silent auction was awesome and I did want to bid on a few items, but of course the things I liked everyone else did, too.

Saturday morning, my alarm went off at 6:30 and I was off to help set-up for the CFF's Breath of Life Gala at the National Building Museum-it was sooo beautiful!

I headed up to Maryland to meet up with two fantastic bloggy buddies The Preppy Pink & Green Puppy and I Do Declare for lunch at Victoria's Gastro Pub.  Oh my it was fantastic!  After our awesome lunch, we hit up Hobby Lobby.  My first trip to this crafter's superstore didn't disappoint. 

Josh and I met up with Jen and John to watch the Gator, Gamecock Game.  We were not thrilled with the results, but if anyone had to win we're glad it was Spurrier.
Sunday, was brunch with my Phi Mu DC Alumnae Chapter - it was so much fun!!

Then I did some serious house cleaning, Josh and I were ships passing in the night-ha considering he was on a boat fishing.  I headed up to American University's campus to help with chapter elections, a fun filled four hours!  It was so great getting to know the ladies of the chapter, and I really felt the amazing impact that I can offer as an adviser.  It was so neat to mentor and encourage these young women-I'm looking forward to getting to know them even more!  I'm looking forward to another weekend of Gator Games, Junior League and Sorority Advising!  Oh yes and prepping for Thanksgiving-we are having about 10 friends over for the big dinner!


Veterans Day

Being thankful today for all those who have served our country so we can be a free nation.  I'm very thankful for my very favorite Veteran - my brother Murphey!

At a reception the weekend of Murph's graduation from the Air Force Academy.  He won some fancy award for being the best athlete or something like that in his graduating class.
At his flight assignment night in Mississippi, I convinced Josh to "stop" by in Columbia on our way to the LSU game that year.  Never mind that Murphey was stationed in Columbus, MS a mere four hours out of the way (each way).  But it was worth it to be there when my baby bro got his first choice for his plane assignment.
He was awfully handsome in his mess dress on my wedding day.  Although I recall that I had to delay my wedding from March to May because he grows a mustache every March and said he would not shave it for the wedding.  I'm glad that he is protecting our nation everyday!

Thanks to you and all our Veterans for all they do for us!


Winter Coat

As the temperatures are quickly dropping, it's time for me to made a new addition to my winter wardrobe in the form of a new wool coat.  I already have a few nice coats, but I want a little contrast to the grey and black that I normally sport in the winter time.  I decided this year, a camel coat would be the perfect addition.  Then of course I see all these lovely winter white coats being worn around town and now I'm torn.  I've pulled a few coats that I think will work well for me.  So come on a virtual shopping trip and let me know which ones you like the best!?

All these coats are from http://www.chadwicks.com/ or http://www.avenue.com/.


Menu Monday - It's back

So I took a little hiatus from Menu Monday because
  1. Josh thought it fueled my obsession with food (I read cookbooks for fun-so this is kind of true).
  2. I was on a strict diet plan this summer and didn't think anyone would really care what flavor protein shake or prepackaged entree I ate for dinner.
  3. When I bailed on my strict diet plan I didn't think anyone would really care how many cheeseburgers I ordered at the McDonalds drive thru.
  4. I have had little rhyme or reason to what we ate (when we actually ate together) for dinner.  
I started going to a new nutritionist and she is all about my type "A" planning - so I am plan, plan, planning away and back comes the oldy but goody, Menu Monday.

Monday: Greek Turkey Burgers with hummus and veggies.
 Aren't you glad I was late getting this up so you could see our yummy dinner?!

Tuesday:  Soy Glazed Salmon, sugar snap peas, and sesame ginger rice

Wednesday: Chicken Tortellini with Primavera Sauce and grilled asparagus

Thursday: Oven Roasted Eggplant and Couscous

Friday:   Free for all - I'm leaving Josh to his own devices and will be at an event for the evening.


We Do Cry

So during my commute this morning where my speedometer did not register over 10 mph the entire trip, I had some extra time to listen to some radio shows.  The DJ on my country station put up this clip of a girl from South Carolina crying after the gamecocks lost to Kentucky.  He was making fun of the situation, but it made me realize that he just didn't get the importance of the SEC and our teams record.  What bowl game you get a bid to, makes or breaks your New Year's Eve.  These are important things especially to a sorority girl in the SEC- don't mess with our big hair, mascara or social calendar.

So on my trusty new iphone I found the utube video of my fellow SEC SG (sorority girl). 

And it made me remember all the games that I have shed a few tears over - why does Alabama always seem to be a consistent theme.  I guess they are a benchmark of sorts, if you win - you just beat fricken Alabama.  If you loose well you just lost to fricken Alabama. 

Speaking of Alabama, it was the first Gator game that I shed a tear (or two over).  It was my sophomore year at UF, we had beaten Tennessee earlier in the season, and we just didn't loose in the Swamp.  That damn tide came in and we lost...and I cried...at a football game.

I somehow made it through the season in 2000 without any football related tears.  So I was totally unprepared for what happened to us in '01 in Auburn, Alabama.  I had made the road trip with my two best friends, and we were planning to stay at my cousins house in Auburn.  Let's just say - driving to Alabama sans sleep is something not even a Burger King Breakfast can fix.  Then add lots of Jack Daniels to the situation and Auburn fans running over you to storm the field as you sit crying in the end zone-it's not a good thing.  It only got worse.  Fights with Red Neck RV Drivers, sleeping in our car on the side of a back road in Alabama and a few speeding tickets followed.  Would I trade it for anything-NEVER!

I've adopted a new philosophy around my beloved Gators, and that it's we always win the tailgate.  That we did at the FL GA game this weekend.

Tailgating with my girls!
My brother drove down from South Dakota, and he was loved on by everyone there!  I think it may have been because he makes some of the best BBQ on the face of the planet.
A little bit of our crazy tailgate.  I was in charge of the Bloody Mary bar-the only organized part of the table at the other end.
And at some point of the day I promised Riley Cooper I would make a custom Cooper/Grossman jersey and wear it to the Eagles v Redskins game on the 15th.  I better get busy.