Setting Goals

So over the past few weeks, I have come to realize that I do not have too many goals set right now.  I've always been a goal driven person, so I'm adding to the list of things I would like to accomplish.

First, I would like to be one of the volunteers that helps decorate the White House for Christmas, next year.  I'll be researching and networking to try to accomplish this in 2011.  In the meantime I am building my Christmas Decorating Resume.  At our last Daughters of the American Revolution meeting, I volunteered to help decorate the DAR Memorial Continental Hall for our open house.  I am so excited!

The open house is Wednesday, December 8, 2010 from 5:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m., so come by if you are in the area.

Another goal inspired by Starbucks buy one get one Holiday Coffee's last weekend is to try all the Starbucks Holiday Flavors this season.  So far I've had Peppermint Mocha - my all time favorite, and Gingerbread Latte.

On my to try list is Eggnog Latte and Creme Brulee Latte. As you can tell, I really like to challenge myself with my goals.

You know what I found out about last weekend from the very lovely I Do Declare?  Starbucks rewards cards=lots of perks.  Now that I've heard about Starbucks Rewards, I am spreading the word - who knew that for every drink you purchased with your registered Starbucks card, you could get stuff..
Free Coffee on my Birthday
Free soy milk and flavor pumps
Every 15th coffee on the house

I was telling a girl in my office who is a tried and true Starbucks addict that she needed to register her card stat. 

For a favor given a favor returned...

She told me about the 12 Days of Starbucks. 
So now, I'm telling you. 
If you Text  “12Days” to 29943 - you will get sent offers to your phone to bring into Starbucks starting Dec 1st.  You know I've already done it.

Speaking of Starbucks, guess who I met there today?  Mike from HGTV's Real Estate Intervention

I did a double take because, I felt that I totally knew him, but couldn't figure out how.  Did he work in my building?  Was he a client?  Where have I seen him, and then it clicked-I watch him on TV all the time.  He is so nice.  He had just sold a condo this morning in a building next to my office.

Humm maybe that's a sign that my next goal should be buying a bigger house, are you reading this Josh?  Wink, wink...


Amanda said...

I've been a Starbucks Gold cardmember for almost two years now! It's fantastic! When you've reached Gold level, you even get a shiny gold card with your name on it! I too need to try the eggnog latte! Happy Holidays Sarah!

Dee Stephens said...

The White House goal is awesome!

Legally Married said...

Yummmm. Peppermint mocha is my all-time favorite!

I want to try the other ones too, but that could lead to a dangerous, addictive path. ;)

Ruth said...

I love the goal to help decorate the White House.
Show pictures of the DAR.

Whitney and the Preppy Puppy said...

I work right next to DAR and will try to stop by. :-)