Tonight at Junior League

Soo on Tuesday nights I volunteer with adults with mental disabilities as one of my Junior League placements.  Tonight's theme was focused on health and a yoga activity.  As I was leaving work in heels, hose and skirt, I realized that I left my yoga clothes at home-great.  Luckily I had to drive past the mall on my way to the church where our group meets, so I ran in grabbed a T and yoga pants in less than 10 minutes, and in true last minute fashion-changed in the car.

Oh yes, the yoga leader had an emergency and couldn't make it.  So the whole running in and out of the mall in the rain, and changing in the car-not even worth it.  Awesome!

At least I got to spend time with my favorite guys there who love to talk about their TV shows and crock-pot cooking.  I spent the entire evening talking about slow cooking recipes and various CW shows, then we ranked our favorite tv networks.  Unfortunately none of the guys watch Real Housewives of Atlanta or Beverly Hills-which I think are my favorite shows right now!

Oh and the focus on healthy lifestyles?  I was telling everyone at my table how to make cake and Oreo balls-hey, it's the holidays right?


VA Gal said...

It's so wonderful that you work with these folks. I do legal work with the mentally ill and mentally disabled and I know most of my clients get lonely and just love to have visitors. Sounds like a nice night!

Dee Stephens said...

You are too funny! How to make oreo balls! Those are some of my favorites!
I had a JL meeting last night too. It was just to talk about how we need to give to the Cornerstone campaign. ;)