We Do Cry

So during my commute this morning where my speedometer did not register over 10 mph the entire trip, I had some extra time to listen to some radio shows.  The DJ on my country station put up this clip of a girl from South Carolina crying after the gamecocks lost to Kentucky.  He was making fun of the situation, but it made me realize that he just didn't get the importance of the SEC and our teams record.  What bowl game you get a bid to, makes or breaks your New Year's Eve.  These are important things especially to a sorority girl in the SEC- don't mess with our big hair, mascara or social calendar.

So on my trusty new iphone I found the utube video of my fellow SEC SG (sorority girl). 

And it made me remember all the games that I have shed a few tears over - why does Alabama always seem to be a consistent theme.  I guess they are a benchmark of sorts, if you win - you just beat fricken Alabama.  If you loose well you just lost to fricken Alabama. 

Speaking of Alabama, it was the first Gator game that I shed a tear (or two over).  It was my sophomore year at UF, we had beaten Tennessee earlier in the season, and we just didn't loose in the Swamp.  That damn tide came in and we lost...and I cried...at a football game.

I somehow made it through the season in 2000 without any football related tears.  So I was totally unprepared for what happened to us in '01 in Auburn, Alabama.  I had made the road trip with my two best friends, and we were planning to stay at my cousins house in Auburn.  Let's just say - driving to Alabama sans sleep is something not even a Burger King Breakfast can fix.  Then add lots of Jack Daniels to the situation and Auburn fans running over you to storm the field as you sit crying in the end zone-it's not a good thing.  It only got worse.  Fights with Red Neck RV Drivers, sleeping in our car on the side of a back road in Alabama and a few speeding tickets followed.  Would I trade it for anything-NEVER!

I've adopted a new philosophy around my beloved Gators, and that it's we always win the tailgate.  That we did at the FL GA game this weekend.

Tailgating with my girls!
My brother drove down from South Dakota, and he was loved on by everyone there!  I think it may have been because he makes some of the best BBQ on the face of the planet.
A little bit of our crazy tailgate.  I was in charge of the Bloody Mary bar-the only organized part of the table at the other end.
And at some point of the day I promised Riley Cooper I would make a custom Cooper/Grossman jersey and wear it to the Eagles v Redskins game on the 15th.  I better get busy.


Dee Stephens said...

I was an SEC SG too! what sorority were you in at UF? I was a DG at LSU

Hannah said...

I think there is a difference between shedding some tears with your friends and sobbing on the web... This is embarrassing!!

I remember the first time I cried. 2004, LSU - we lost the home game and I fought with my boyfriend. I sat on a bench crying that we lost. I was pathetic. (Thank god he didn't video it and put it online!)

Ashley said...

I too have to admit I've cried over a Gators game. It's part of the love of Florida. Go Gators :)

Melissa said...

I cried at that same game you mentioned...I actually think we were sitting together-ha, ha! My first tears shed over our sweet Gators was the 1996 UF/FSU game where the Seminoles clobbered Danny and seemingly ended our National Championship season. Little did I know I would be crying tears of joy just a few weeks later when we beat them in the repeat matchup. The tears have flowed many times through the years...some happy, some sad. There will always be those unfortunate souls who just don't understand that it's definitely more than a game-we must ignore them : )

Melissa said...

I should have proofed my comment before I sent it...definitely should have said "my first tears shed... were..." I do know my grammar better than that : )

Clare Lennon said...

I think I cried after the SEC championship last year, after screaming at the Ballyhoo's TV and scaring half the guests there!

Ruth said...

People who didn't grow up in the areas with a SEC team don't get it and never will.
I don't think I have ever cried over a game but then I am an Ole Miss fan. And our motto is we might not when them all but we haven't lost a party.

Aja said...

That Auburn game...worst.weekend.ever. I still tell stories about that and Auburn ranks as my most hated non-huge-Gator-rival team because of it. UGH!

"I live in a $250,000 house; I could buy and sell you girls."

"Mr. that doesn't buy a shack where we come from." (those were the glory days of FL real estate after all!) HA!

Shannon said...

Um, what Gator fan hasn't shed a few tears over the Gators this year? It looks like y'all had so much fun! We watched it on tv, after our trip to G'ville for Homecoming don't think we'll be road tripping for a Gator game anytime soon! Love your outfit in the picture, by the way!