Menu Monday - It's back

So I took a little hiatus from Menu Monday because
  1. Josh thought it fueled my obsession with food (I read cookbooks for fun-so this is kind of true).
  2. I was on a strict diet plan this summer and didn't think anyone would really care what flavor protein shake or prepackaged entree I ate for dinner.
  3. When I bailed on my strict diet plan I didn't think anyone would really care how many cheeseburgers I ordered at the McDonalds drive thru.
  4. I have had little rhyme or reason to what we ate (when we actually ate together) for dinner.  
I started going to a new nutritionist and she is all about my type "A" planning - so I am plan, plan, planning away and back comes the oldy but goody, Menu Monday.

Monday: Greek Turkey Burgers with hummus and veggies.
 Aren't you glad I was late getting this up so you could see our yummy dinner?!

Tuesday:  Soy Glazed Salmon, sugar snap peas, and sesame ginger rice

Wednesday: Chicken Tortellini with Primavera Sauce and grilled asparagus

Thursday: Oven Roasted Eggplant and Couscous

Friday:   Free for all - I'm leaving Josh to his own devices and will be at an event for the evening.

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