Veterans Day

Being thankful today for all those who have served our country so we can be a free nation.  I'm very thankful for my very favorite Veteran - my brother Murphey!

At a reception the weekend of Murph's graduation from the Air Force Academy.  He won some fancy award for being the best athlete or something like that in his graduating class.
At his flight assignment night in Mississippi, I convinced Josh to "stop" by in Columbia on our way to the LSU game that year.  Never mind that Murphey was stationed in Columbus, MS a mere four hours out of the way (each way).  But it was worth it to be there when my baby bro got his first choice for his plane assignment.
He was awfully handsome in his mess dress on my wedding day.  Although I recall that I had to delay my wedding from March to May because he grows a mustache every March and said he would not shave it for the wedding.  I'm glad that he is protecting our nation everyday!

Thanks to you and all our Veterans for all they do for us!


Harrel H said...

Don't forget your father. Six years in the Army National Guard and Army Reserves.

Ruth said...

The men & women in blue are the best.
My father and one uncle are retired Air Force. And I have one uncle and 4 cousins active duty Air Force.

Vynuss said...

What a beautiful post! My father in law is ret. Army, so we took our veteran out to dinner! Thank you to all the men and women who keep our country safe!!! :)

Shannon said...

Such a good post and great reminder!