Half way there

So yesterday I wrote half of our Christmas  and other overdue thank you notes - so that gives me a blogging break right?

We spent the last two days diaperless in our house.  So if the half way written thank you notes didn't earn a break for me, chasing around a pantsless soon to be toddler does! And no, I'm not trying to potty train my 11 month old...

James has developed a diaper rash that just won't clear up and despite every cream, cleaning and homeopathic remedy my KidsDoc app and the Internets told me about it just wouldn't get better.  One suggestion is to spend as much time sans diaper as possibly, so that is just what we have done this week.

Ironically, the toilet has replaced the awesomeness of opening and closing doors and drawers for my little guy this week.  My pantsless-wonder or in yesterdays case unbuttoned overalls-wonder spent a little too much time exploring all our bathroom fixtures.  I learned the hard way if he bolts out of a room he is in the nearest bathroom, trying to throw any object and/or himself into the toilet bowl.  His new trick, now that I've remembered to close lids AT ALL TIMES, is flushing. 

At least there are not more balls, block and hands to wash toilet water off, until that is, he learns to lift the lids....

The continued spread of red bumps on his bum and back lead me to call our pediatrician this morning, and it's bad.  So bad, in fact, that we now have a prescription for burn cream that has been near impossible to fill.  I've finally found a pharmacy that has a quarter of the amount we need-but that is better than nothing.  We're off to pick it up so we can keep pants on in this lovely 20 degree weather.


No Blogging Until...

I promised myself not to blog until I finished writing all our Christmas thank you notes.

Pen has not yet come to paper and there are a few dozen notes waiting to be written...

We've been busy around these parts cleaning, clearing out and finishing projects around our place.

Our winter mommy and me classes have started and James and I have been having a ball.

He also said momma and elephant last night-my heart exploded with pride.

Look at him having fun after music and movement class.

He also has his first cheddar bunnies yesterday, too. Big day huh?

Well off to mother goose rhyme time to kick off our weekend!

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Happy New Year

We are a few days into 2013 and so far so good. I've gotten to spend this time with Josh, James my parents and in laws, all of whom I hope to spend a lot of time with the rest of the year. I also hope to spend time with miss Molly, who is taking an early retirement to Florida and living with my parents as we put our place in Virginia on the market. We aren't even home yet and I miss her.

After some take out Chinese, we were waiting for the ball to drop when James woke up at 11:56. I spent the magical moment of the clock striking 12 nursing him, which can honestly summarize how I spent most of 2012. So although anti-climatic, it seemed fitting.

As we are on the last leg of our trip home, I can't help to think how I need a break after our 'vacation'. Being away from the normalcy of home and our schedule has lead to sleepless days and nights for both me and my little mr. I haven't gotten a full nights sleep in 2+ weeks and its wearing in me. I did sneak a few naps in towards the end of the trip and in the car which is good.

I wasn't able to easily access 'normal' coffee while away either, so I'm looking forward to returning to my donut shop k cups tomorrow.

It seems more popular this year to not make resolutions than to make them. Since I don't think I've achieved any I've ever set out for myself, this seems just about right. Some of my friends wrote eloquent posts on just being them selfs, wanting calm and less 'stuff' clouding their lives. That all sounds good to me!

Simple, calm and time to enjoy our family sounds like what I'm looking for, too. Now with all the clutter that is filling our car, our calendar and my head I have to sit back and think - I'm not really doing anything to make that happen. So even though I'm going to join the popular crowd and not make any resolutions this year, I do want to take a little more time to really think about and plan how I want to spend my life.

Wishing you and yours the very best in 2013!

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