April Showers

Cherry Blossoms are usually a key indicator that spring has arrived in the DC area. Every year since Josh and I have lived here we have gone and enjoyed the beautiful pink and white blossoms. With Molly of course.
Having spent most of my life in Florida, I didn't truly experience seasons until we moved to Falls Church, I go back and forth between fall and spring being my favorite seasons, now that I know there life outside of 365 days of summer.
Having such a mild winter this past year I have to say I'm favoring fall right now, but I love the celebration of life, since of renewal and refreshing feeling that spring brings. There's a reason we celebrate the gift of eternal life in the spring!

This year our family did not go visit the Cherry Blossoms around the tidal basin, as we were celebrating the gift of life God gave us in our home with James. I had barely worked up the nerve to take him in public after his 2 month shots, but as much as I wanted to see the pink buds reflections in the tidal basin, I wanted to protect my son from germs more. But we have enjoyed the signs of spring on our almost daily walks around our neighborhood.
On the day's April doesn't bring her showers, we have enjoyed the sights and sounds of spring.
From the red Robbins chirping to the daffodils around the lake, to the pink blooms on the trees around our home, to the dogwoods on the next street over.

We have been loving springtime.

In true fashion of taking all my pictures these days on my phone, here are some pics of my spring decorations that I texted to Lacey - the only friend I have that is interested enough in my tablescapes to ask me to text her a pictures, gosh I love her.

Our mantle was filled with cards wishing James a very happy first Easter.

There have been lots of April showers these past few weeks, but we are looking forward to lots if may flowers with plans to plant our herbs and flower boxes in the coming days.
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A Grumpy Gus and a Tired Mommy

We went rogue on our routine this past weekend when uncle Seth came to visit. Going rogue means we get a grumpy Gus and a fretting mommy who is very tired.

I'm so glad we have such a happy 'easy' baby 99% of the time because each time he cries or whimpers a bit of my heart breaks.

It took three days, and he is now back on schedule with extra smiles to go around, and hopefully after my MNO tonight, I'll be the same.

I documented the making of nap time the other morning.

My first shot was to show the size of his huge feet.

Then a yawn

Followed by sleepy eyes

He conks out

He always holds his hands in the funniest positions while sleeping.

His morning nap is in his snugabunny on my bed

No swaddle means free for all with those fingers

Starting to wake up


What the heck?!?

All smiles

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JLW Shop Around!

I get excited these days when I actually get to go to Target.  Right now, the grocery store requires a sitter or call to Josh. Good thing our sitter is back from vacation next week, because it's the Junior League of Washington's Shop Around! 

I literally had NO IDEA how good it was until one of the ladies planning it came to present to my council meeting last week.  Deals these good are far too good not to pass along. So I wanted to share with all my friends in the area who may not have already heard about it.  I never paid that much attention in the past because I'm silly - really - this is WOW AMAZING!

Tickets are $25.
* I don't get any rewards for selling tickets, other than the knowledge that the funds go directly to help the charities I work with.

Highlights (to me anyway) include a gift card for a free appetizer at PF Changs (ahh - Ahi Tuna, I'm still recovering from 10 months with no sushi), not limited to the week of the sale.

Kate Spade...no need for explanation

20% off at two local lilly stores - that's right a discount on in season Lilly.  I'm still not back to fitting in that short of a hemline, but that's what the discount to the Bar Method and accessories are for, right?

We've been putting off a trip to Brooks Brothers for some new suits for Josh, but with 20% off, I know what we'll be doing one day next week.

I have some gift cards to Dawn Price Baby which will go a lot further with 20% off.

I've also been wanting to try rent the runway and with 15% off orders placed before the 28th, I think I'll be sporting some neat outfits to some upcoming events.  The clothing can be "rented" for dates in the future, the online transaction just needs to occur before the 28th. 

Who knows, maybe I'll try the members only pass to George, I'm fairly certain I can't guarantee I won't have spitup on some part of my outfit, which is probably not part of the dress code, he he.   

There are lots of neat events that go along with the shop around, of course I am attending the gala for the organization I chair the committee for at the exact same time as the kick off party, but maybe I can figure out a way to squeeze it all in...

Tickets can be purchased here and a list of all the retailers participating are below.  Hope this is helpful to some of y'all!  Have fun shopping!!

PS - Today is the last day to purchase tickets, wish I had given y'all more advanced notice, time flies when you're a new mom!

Shop Around Retailers
April 21-28, 2012

Kate Spade – 3061 M St. NW, Washington, DC

J. McLaughlin – 3278 M St. NW, Washington, DC

Vineyard Vines – 1225 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC
     *Excludes the purchase of Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

George – 3251 Prospect Ave, Washington, DC
                *All Card Holders will be allowed entry regardless of list status

Town Hall – 2340 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC
                     *Excludes the purchase of alcoholic beverages

Betsey Johnson – 3029 M St. NW, Washington, DC

Juicy Couture – 3034 M St. NW, Washington, DC
                          1700 Galleria at Tyson’s II, McLean, VA
              1100 South Hayes St, The Fashion Center at Pentagon City

Appleseed Maternity – 115 S. Columbus St, Alexandria, VA

Le Village Marche – 2200 S. Randolph St, Ste 110-A, Arlington, VA

Ah Love Oil – 4017 Campbell Ave, Arlington, VA
                        * Excludes all Olive Wood Products

Ten Thousand Villages – 915 King St, Alexandria, VA

Adolfo Dominguez – 5310B Western Ave, Chevy Chase, MD, The Shops at Wisconsin Place
                                   *Excludes all Sterling Silver Jewelry

PF Changs – 5406 Wisconsin Ave, Chevy Chase, MD, The Shops at Wisconsin Place
                     *Free Appetizer Cards only

The Preppy Pink Pony – 1355 Chain Bridge Road, McLean, VA

Pink Palm – 4867 Bethesda Ave, Bethesda, MD

The Bar Method – 750 9th St NW, Ste 103 Washington, DC
                              *The 20% discount at The Bar Method may be used only for an
                                Introductory Class, the New Client Special, First time renewal package
                                and all merchandise.

Stuart Weitzman – 2001 International Dr at Tyson’s II, McLean, VA

Sixth Engine – 438 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC

Silk Salon & Spa – 2250 Clarendon Blvd, Arlington, VA
                              *Excludes straightening and bridal hair

Artistic Nails & Spa – 1880 Howard Ave, Vienna, VA

Mason Inn – 2408 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC

Breadsoda – 2233 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC

Duo Boutique – 1624 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC

Urban Chic – 1626 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC

Dawn Price Baby – 3112 M St NW, Washington, DC
Sherman Pickey  1647 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest Washington, DC 20007
Rent the Runway  Online retailer * 15% discount on orders placed by April 28th
Brooks Brothers – 3077 M St NW, Washington, DC 20007

Door Prizes
Lilly Pulitzer gift bag worth $500
Juicy Couture handbag valued at $425
Two (2) tickets to Gold Cup with bus passes
Kate Spade merchandise
A piece of jewelry from Duo Boutique
Shopping party for you and your friends at Urban Chic with 15% off
Gift Cards to: 
·         Cheesecake Factory
·         Maggiano’s
·         Appleseed Maternity
·         Tesoro Italian Restaurant
·       Le Village Marche


Crawfish Boil

I'm so thankful when other southerners are transplanted to 'northern' Virginia and I'm even more thankful when they cook for me.

Yes I live just off Robert E Lee Highway, but if I can't name a single good BBQ spot in a 20 mile radius, it's just not the south.

Luckily one of Josh's co-workers brought a Dixie bounty to us! Her daddy is a crawfish farmer in Louisiana. So he imported some of his finest to northern Virginia this past weekend. This is an annual event that Josh and I start looking forward to again as soon as its over.

We were happy to bring James to his first boil.

He is fratted out in preppy stripes and baby crockies.

Daddy is lovin all the food.

I had him peel crawfish for me, so I didn't assault James with cajun spice coated fingers.

Not sure what I like best, the Strawberry Abieta or the crawfish.

Lovin it-ha!

Daddy showin off his little guy.

Mommy snuggling.

We had a fantastic time!

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Foodie Friday

This may be turning into an unintended tradition.

I also a roasted vegetable platter for my junior league community placement council meeting on Monday. It was delish and I'm glad I set some veggies aside for us to enjoy this week.

I can't rave about the strawberry salad recipe in this month's southern living enough. Make it and enjoy!

It wouldn't be Passover without our favorite eggplant matzo lasagna. I made a double batch and it's been enjoyed by all.




Our family had lots of celebrating to do this past weekend. Josh's birthday, Passover and Easter.

James and I kicked off the festivities by having lunch with friends at Nordstroms. The cafe is located next to the children's section so obviously it made the perfect venue, and the asparagus shrimp risotto is just about my favorite dish from any restaurant, anywhere. Lunch was fantastic, but the company made it even better. Then off to see the Easter Bunny. I didn't realize how pricy it was, and will most likely do a private session with real bunnies next year-way more fun and probably the same cost-ha!

We have also been reading the story of Easter my aunt Tish sent, which happened to arrive the same day her doll babies were visiting us!

I apparently can't comprehend my Jewish holiday google calendar or google search results of when does Passover 2012 begin, my well laid plans of an unleavened bread diet and kick off sedar dinner were a day late. As I thought the Passover began on Saturday. Needless to say, when Josh got home from work on friday and asked where's the beef (brisket), I hadnt made it. We were fine as Josh bought the huge family case of matzo, and whatever I had actually made for dinner seemed to work.

Our sedar dinner coensided with Josh's birthday. And he had a pecs ah birthday cake. He has been shorted birthday cake the majority of his life. I let him pick from the chocolate, fudge and strawberry offerings. He picked fudge (the one on the left). I love text messaging pictures from the grocery store.

We had our traditional brisket and roasted vegetables for sedar dinner (a day late). I loved that Josh found a haggadah app and read it from his iPad...so 2012.

James sat in his bumbo seat to mark the occasion. We didn't go all out this year, and opted to be more casual.

Daddy got a fancy new suitcase and nice golfing polo for his birthday. Although we would like him not to jet set all over the world and stay home with us. He did forgo playing on a nice private executive course last week after work to be with us, so he got a new shirt for his next tee time.

On Easter, I fell back asleep after our 7:30 nursing and woke back up 30 minutes before church started. Not enough time to get us all ready and out the door. So James' first church service has been delayed a week or so.

We did however make it up to Baltimore for a late afternoon Easter dinner, hosted by Michael and Lacey.

It was so good, Lacey always sets a beautiful table, but even more beautiful are the people who sit around it.

We had deviled eggs, a beautiful salmon dip, grilled lamb, honey baked ham, scalloped potatoes, roasted asparagus with hollandaise sauce, ambrosia, strawberry salad and lets not forget sister seuberts rolls.

The lemon sorbet and miscotto were a perfect dessert and sweet ending to a wonderful day.



Two Months Old

Has it only been two months? I feel like you've been my little buddy for my whole life. You fill your daddy and my hearts with more joy than we ever could have imagined.

Your past times include sharing a contagious smile, cooing, gooing and making other cute baby sounds, sticking your tongue out, laughing (it's so fun), eyeing and batting at your mobile and activity mat animals, listening to me read, tell you stories and sing, cuddling and kicking, kicking, kicking.

"I gotta kick momma, I gotta kick!"

You also enjoy bath time with daddy, and being held by friends. Baby smiles are just about the best thing that can happen to anyone and since you have so many, I like to share.

Laying on your tummy is not your favorite thing, so we are trying lots of activities to strengthen your neck. You sat in your bumbo seat just the other day and loved it.

We celebrated your first Easter and Passover this weekend. You were so good everywhere we went. You still sleep 10 1/2 to 11 hours a night, but don't 'sleep' during all your 5 nap times during the day. But you are just happy as can be to sit in your swing, bouncy seat, looking at your mobile all alone. You are actually happy all the time, but just light up when we interact with you. It makes it hard to put you down sometimes.

We've (well your daddy) coined some nicknames for you. Captain Coo is the current fav, but we also call you little man, little buddy, a short stent with Bubba - dad axed that fast. You are just so much fun.

I actually miss you at night, good thing I take a few dozen pictures of you everyday!

Your doctor calls you awesome and we couldn't agree more. This month you weighed in at 12 pounds 4 ounces (50th percentile), 23 1/2 inches tall (90th percentile) - daddy and I measured you 24 and 3/4 inches this morning-the nurses don't extend your legs all the way.

Our love for you grows as you grow. We can't wait to help you develop into a fun loving little boy. You light up our life!