Fun Week

The week his snug-a-bunny ears are relevant for Easter. And he looks so happy before his morning nap. My version of co sleeping is putting his bouncy seat on Josh's side of our king size bed.

How can my 8 week old be growing up so fast? Josh texted me this picture as I was leaving my junior league meeting last night. It made me hurry right home instead of browsing around Georgetown. Josh may begin to employ the text mommy super cute pictures of baby technique to keep me out of Kate Spade, Sephora, etc, etc. it was impossible to resist this smile!

I think he looks one in this picture. Luckily, he's still my little baby who likes to cuddle. Always with his hands up next to his head.
We had an awesome visit with our cousins from Mississippi, I cant wait for James to get to play with them again later this summer.

we were trying to get James to stick out his tongue.
We had so much fun with our family!
We have a big weekend ahead with daddy's birthday, Passover, Easter and all the celebrating that goes along with these events! Hopefully I'll remember to take some pictures!

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Miss Sweet Tea said...

James is so cute! He is growing so fast!