Crawfish Boil

I'm so thankful when other southerners are transplanted to 'northern' Virginia and I'm even more thankful when they cook for me.

Yes I live just off Robert E Lee Highway, but if I can't name a single good BBQ spot in a 20 mile radius, it's just not the south.

Luckily one of Josh's co-workers brought a Dixie bounty to us! Her daddy is a crawfish farmer in Louisiana. So he imported some of his finest to northern Virginia this past weekend. This is an annual event that Josh and I start looking forward to again as soon as its over.

We were happy to bring James to his first boil.

He is fratted out in preppy stripes and baby crockies.

Daddy is lovin all the food.

I had him peel crawfish for me, so I didn't assault James with cajun spice coated fingers.

Not sure what I like best, the Strawberry Abieta or the crawfish.

Lovin it-ha!

Daddy showin off his little guy.

Mommy snuggling.

We had a fantastic time!

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Lexilooo said...

looks like such a fun day!

Arielle said...

his little outfit is PRECIOUS!!!

Melissa said...

Love the lobster john-john! Up until this past summer (when they got a little too big-sniff, sniff) the boys have had some sort of smocked or appliqued crustacean outfit and they were always some of my favorites.

I Do Declare said...

So fun! James was best dressed, no doubt!

Kelsey Claire said...

His outfit is just perfect! Looks like a great time and makes me want to go out and get some crawfish!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, James is absolutely adorable in his lobster john-john! He's growing so fast! What a fun party. Gosh I haven't had fresh crawfish in ages. Looks divine!