April Showers

Cherry Blossoms are usually a key indicator that spring has arrived in the DC area. Every year since Josh and I have lived here we have gone and enjoyed the beautiful pink and white blossoms. With Molly of course.
Having spent most of my life in Florida, I didn't truly experience seasons until we moved to Falls Church, I go back and forth between fall and spring being my favorite seasons, now that I know there life outside of 365 days of summer.
Having such a mild winter this past year I have to say I'm favoring fall right now, but I love the celebration of life, since of renewal and refreshing feeling that spring brings. There's a reason we celebrate the gift of eternal life in the spring!

This year our family did not go visit the Cherry Blossoms around the tidal basin, as we were celebrating the gift of life God gave us in our home with James. I had barely worked up the nerve to take him in public after his 2 month shots, but as much as I wanted to see the pink buds reflections in the tidal basin, I wanted to protect my son from germs more. But we have enjoyed the signs of spring on our almost daily walks around our neighborhood.
On the day's April doesn't bring her showers, we have enjoyed the sights and sounds of spring.
From the red Robbins chirping to the daffodils around the lake, to the pink blooms on the trees around our home, to the dogwoods on the next street over.

We have been loving springtime.

In true fashion of taking all my pictures these days on my phone, here are some pics of my spring decorations that I texted to Lacey - the only friend I have that is interested enough in my tablescapes to ask me to text her a pictures, gosh I love her.

Our mantle was filled with cards wishing James a very happy first Easter.

There have been lots of April showers these past few weeks, but we are looking forward to lots if may flowers with plans to plant our herbs and flower boxes in the coming days.
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Anonymous said...

Going to the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC is on my bucket list. I've been to DC many times, but never to see the Cherry Blossoms. How lucky to actually live there during such a beautiful time of year! And I agree, given the fact we basically didn't have a winter this year, I'm all about Fall right now, haha. Fingers crossed we won't melt this summer! :)