Sweet little moment to catch up

I keep taking much longer than anticipated blogging breaks. Hoping to get back into a rhythm soon.

Started this post a few weeks ago, now seems like a good enough time to finish.

This rarely happens, so I'm enjoying every sweet second of a nap on my lap. Always creative in napping as James won't transfer, yesterday I set up one of the baby monitor cameras in the garage when he fell asleep on our drive home from the store. Not just any store, Trader Joes, which is another happy post for another happy time.

James' two year update needs to be wrapped up and published, as well as a recap of his awesome two two choo choo birthday party. I put myself on blogging probation when there are outstanding thank you notes to be written. Thankfully they are now written (and sent weeks ago, unlike this post being completed).

So February (and March) flew by. We had such a lovely time together with our little family.

These two...

My whole heart.
James (and Josh) was a ring bearer in a wedding. It was such a fun fun weekend with friends and family. James turned two the very same day as the wedding and was just as sweet as any little boy could be.
We've really enjoyed this past year in the sunshine. I can hardly believe it's been a year! Looking forward to sharing what all we've been up to! :)