Blessed, I Guess

I used to kind of laugh when people would say they need a vacation after coming home from their vacation.
If there's anything Josh and I know how to do right, it's vacation (well we do a lot of things right being two type A overachievers, but vacation still holds true-ha).

We did have an amazing time in Greece, had a full itinerary some days mixed with the perfect amount of relaxation, downtime and amazing meals.
Now that we are back to real life all I have is a full itinerary of work.
Relaxation? HA!
Downtime, not really.
Amazing Meals, I'm honestly lucky if I have a free moment to even eat, and my itinerary is just going to get fuller...
To tell the truth, I haven't had a spare minute, second or hour to even look at all the pictures we took on our trip, yet alone share with friends and family (insert sad face).

I will be working at least 100 hours a week during the month of July (insert very sad face).  I knew that my new job would be very demanding and kick my butt in ways I didn't know where possible, and I'm here to attest that it is. 

"God doesn't call the enabled, He enables the called"
    This will be my mantra for the month of July.

It's amazing to receive God's greatest blessing in my life at the same time as my greatest challenge. 

Sunset in Santorini as seen by my Iphone.

An email from my aunt Sugie came in my inbox last night, a praise to God for His provision in their lives, it was sooo applicable to mine.   I hope her words can be an inspiration to you as much as me!

Let me share with you something that has become so crystal clear to me.  We all have some good stuff going in life and we all have some really tough, challenging stuff going on in life.  God is in the good stuff and God is in the bad stuff.  As I read the Bible I see more and more that it is in the tough situations in life that we feel desperate and often choose to turn to the Lord, and the good news is that He always is there and that He has answers and solutions and truth for every problem and crisis.  The way our faith grows is through us being more dependent on Jesus.  That is a discipline that must be cultivated.  So the good news is that we should not lose heart in the tough times but  be grateful that it prompts us to choose to turn to Jesus and let Him show Himself faithful to meet each need and encourage our hearts.  He is an awesome God.

Lots of Love,



Love CMN

Love Children's Miracle Network.  I can't believe I have been volunteering and fundraising with them for more than 12 years, due to it being Phi Mu's National Philanthropy and UF's Dance Marathon (in addition to Florida Football and Friends how I ended up meeting my husband).

Check out the video, I'm in the Phi Mu Alumnae Officer's group pic at 1:58!

In other news we're back from our fantastic trip from Greece--it was AMAZING, I can't wait to share some of our 800+ pictures (don't worry I'll just share the highlights).

Speaking of pictures, does anyone have recommendations on how I can keep my instagram iphone pics from looking pixluated when I post them to my blog?  Perhaps it's because I am blogging straight from my iphone, but it seams some come out clear and others are pixely.