Love CMN

Love Children's Miracle Network.  I can't believe I have been volunteering and fundraising with them for more than 12 years, due to it being Phi Mu's National Philanthropy and UF's Dance Marathon (in addition to Florida Football and Friends how I ended up meeting my husband).

Check out the video, I'm in the Phi Mu Alumnae Officer's group pic at 1:58!

In other news we're back from our fantastic trip from Greece--it was AMAZING, I can't wait to share some of our 800+ pictures (don't worry I'll just share the highlights).

Speaking of pictures, does anyone have recommendations on how I can keep my instagram iphone pics from looking pixluated when I post them to my blog?  Perhaps it's because I am blogging straight from my iphone, but it seams some come out clear and others are pixely. 


DSS said...

I cannot wait to see your picture from Greece! Greece is at the top of my list for the next place to travel :)

I haven't a clue about iPhones :(

Dee Stephens said...

I can't wait to see pictures too!