I took a few hours away from my 90+ hour work week to unofficially wrap up my volunteer year.

The experience was wonderful and I'm so happy to be involved with these fantastic organizations. I'm the volunteer coordinator for the DC Gator Club. Saturday was International Gator Day, where UF Alums from around the world participate in a day of service. Of course one just wasn't enough for me, so I planned three. We partnered with DC public schools and thousand of other volunteers a few weeks ago to fix up all the campuses around the city. We are working with the USO for their annual family fun day. This past Saturday we helped with cleaning up Kennilworth Aquatic Gardens which is amazing. Most of us had no idea it even existed.

After a beautiful morning in the great outdoors, I headed to the Eastern Market (my favorite farmers market) for some fresh produce and a bit for lunch. I had a Cuban with a twist, it was served on Rosemary chibatta bread, I did like it...a lot-ha!

Back into the car and on the George Washington Parkway, one of my favorite roadways that travels adjacent to the Potomac, to McLean form my last Junior League commitment of the year, the talent show for my Langly consumers. I'm going to miss those guys this summer, but will be on the literacy club committee next year. Bonus, we won community partnership of the year!

And then my friends, back to work for the rest of my Saturday, Sunday, Monday, you get the picture.
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Lexilooo said...

Eastern Market is my favorite too!

fix iphone said...

i love Eastern Market as well.