We Passed with Flying Colors!

James, Molly and I made our first successful juncture without daddy...for five days!

This was good practice because that man is on the go, granted this was a fun (as in Bachelor Party fun) trip. And it was going to be proceeded by a quick overnight to Europe, so the trip was a day shorter than it was going to be. Seriously, who goes to another continents for less than 24 hours? Not me, but I won't ever be important to ride along with him in a Gulfstream either. I can however eat the cookies they serve on the plane because they come from my favorite grocery store. That's just as good...

The guys had a great time in Sin City, my husband apparently wore a fedora the whole time he was there. I would have loved to see that, but you know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Except the hat, he brought that back...

While daddy was away, James, Molly and I had loads of fun. James LOVES to stick his tongue out, which is now something we spend a few hours a day doing with each other, along with smiling, laughing, kicking and spitting up...lots and lots of spitting up.

I was trying to get a shot of smiling, but spit up reigned supreme.


Dee Stephens said...

Good for you!!! CONGRATS!

Ruth said...

I am so glad the three of you survivied