A Grumpy Gus and a Tired Mommy

We went rogue on our routine this past weekend when uncle Seth came to visit. Going rogue means we get a grumpy Gus and a fretting mommy who is very tired.

I'm so glad we have such a happy 'easy' baby 99% of the time because each time he cries or whimpers a bit of my heart breaks.

It took three days, and he is now back on schedule with extra smiles to go around, and hopefully after my MNO tonight, I'll be the same.

I documented the making of nap time the other morning.

My first shot was to show the size of his huge feet.

Then a yawn

Followed by sleepy eyes

He conks out

He always holds his hands in the funniest positions while sleeping.

His morning nap is in his snugabunny on my bed

No swaddle means free for all with those fingers

Starting to wake up


What the heck?!?

All smiles

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Lexilooo said...

super cute, and I love that onesie!

KatiePerk said...

What a cute post!!

Dee Stephens said...

Super cute! Noticed you did this on your phone! I'll have to figure it out!

Anonymous said...

Holy adorableness. How do you stop from staring at him all day? He has the sweetest face and I love how wild & free his arms are when napping - so cute! :)

Carolina Ann said...

What a good Mommy!!! Happy babies come from happy confident Mommies with the right tools. He's not 'easy' your raising him right! Plus Carolina Ann has that same outfit - Gymboree can be unisex if it's green and has a gator in it right? :)