Foodie Friday

Soo I was planning to do a menu Monday post in the same fashion of two of my favorite belles.

Belle On Heels

Virginia Belle


They post what they had the previous week vs what they were planning to have. This works great because I planned and posted great menus but we never actually ate everything I planned on the day I planned, etc etc. I'm sure with a baby there is more 'flexibility' in our future.

In an attempt for Josh and I to start eating healthier I'm going to be doing some major meal planning. One of my neighbors also wants to start a meal exchange, which I'm pretty excited about. Im going to try to plan out the whole month of April, should be interesting.

Back to what we ate last week. I decided it was high time to start finishing off our freezer meals, so they are now a bi weekly staple. They aren't the lightest fair, so I'm hoping to finish them off in the near future.

All the recipes can be found on my freezer meal post from a few months ago.

We enjoyed Paula Deans Shrimp and wild rice casserole.

Had a trip back to Tampa's comfort Cuban food with black beans, turkey sausage and yellow rice. Made me feel likes I was at Pipos!

We rounded it out with White Enchiladas, which are all over pinterest. They were yummy, but anything with that much cheese and sour cream would be.

Speaking of pinterest, I have been making quick and easy smoothies with a tip I found probably at 2 am. Take all your ingredients and put in plastic baggies for the whole week, in the morning just grab add some oj and h2o and blend. I've been doing pineapples, peaches, bananas and spinach.

What are some of your favorite smoothie cobos?


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