Everything I Learned

Everything I learned, I learned from other moms.  Remember all those posters that said everything I needed to know I learned in kindergarten or I learned from my dog?

I'm really grateful these days for what I learned from other moms.  While I was pregnant, I watched my bestie's son while she was in the hospital having her second baby.  I took him to Chic-Fil-a one rainy day to get out his energy on the playground and have lunch, and it was there that I learned what a resource watching other parents could be.  As he spilled his milk that I opened down his shirt, I looked around and saw all the other parents had poked the straw through the foil lining on the top of the milk bottle vs peeling it off.  Ahh, they know a few more things that this non-parent did and by watching them I figured they could help me figure a few things out!

I'm thankful for Erin at the Blue Eyed Bride for writing about Mom's on Call and to my friend Chris for sharing the book On Becoming Baby Wise with me.  My husband and I were able to develop a great schedule/routine that works for us, is flexible and had James sleeping 8 hours a night by the time he was three weeks old.

James' first car.

I'm grateful to my friend Gwen for sharing her baby shopping list with me and my neighbor Anna for sharing her mommy shopping list with me and referring her baby sitter to us. 

Good Morning Yawn

I'm thankful to my mom for reminding me to sing, play, read and tell James stories.

Papa Morgan loving on James

I'm thankful to my Aunt Tish and Cousin Melanie for calling me, giving me great tips, encouragement and the cutest outfits straight from Oxford, Mississippi.

I am beyond thankful to my cousin Ansley who had her son the day before me.  It's been so wonderful to share text messages, emails and phone calls with her during the end of our pregnancies and these past few weeks.  I don't know if I could truly express my gratitude to her for the exchanges we had the first few days of being home with our boys.  I can't wait our guys to meet, it's really been one of the neatest experiences to have our boys so close together and share this time together.

I have to go back to being grateful to my bestie and Mom guru Jen.  We had some grown-up mommy time this weekend and over Mismosa's, I was sharing how I had to constantly Google the words to nursery rhymes and songs because I could only remember the first few lines but not the whole thing.  Then and there she told me, well you just make up the words-you don't have to know them all.  Sure sometimes it's embarrassing when your kids say the wrong words in front of other people, but you don't need to know the words to everything.  Considering her son could tell us the capitols of every state in the country before he was three, and he's pretty much the coolest kiddo I've every known, I'm going with her advice. 

This week has been so much more fun just making up a few dozen songs a day, and not having to google the words to Hickory Dickory Dock...  

Lots of Love,


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