Coming Home

After a few days in the hospital, we were excited to bring you home. I may have stayed later if I knew what was in store for us that night. But if we hadn't gone through the struggles we wouldn't be able to truly enjoy all the goodness that each day brings.

I looked very hard to find the perfect outfit to take you home in. A blue knit sweater that buttoned up and had a matching hat. Perfect for February in Virginia.
At least we got a shot of you, I don't think we kept you in this for long, nor did I have my whites about me enough to take very good pictures.


We were so happy to have you home.

Daddy put you in for your first ride in your swing right away.

We love you, and are so glad to have you home with us everyday!



KatiePerk said...

So sweet!That is an adorable outfit. We have that swing too!

Dee Stephens said...

That is the cutest outfit!!!