Redneck Woman

Today was my first full day from wake-up to bed time with James.  Josh has rocked the bedtime bath and bottle routine from the get-go.  (Probably the reason our son sleeps 10 hours a night.)

James got a little fussy before it was really time to put him to bed, and I had a few things I wanted to finish downstairs before taking him up.  I decided to strap him into the baby bijorn because I found that washing dishes and loaded the dish washer works much better with two hands.  As I stood in the kitchen I had a line of Gretchen Wilson's song Red Neck Woman run through my head.  You know the one, I'll stand barefooted in my own front yard with a baby on my hip.
Barefoot - Check
Front Yard, Kitchen - Close enough
Baby on my hip - Check

Then I began to think redneck women probably don't have granite counter tops in their double-wides with the Christmas lights on them all year long, probably don't own baby bijorns or have their babies dressed in onsies from Nordstrom's, while their husbands are at fundraising gala's in Washington DC.  But then again I'm a Yuppie Woman doesn't have the same ring to it as Redneck and I prefer my Mississippi roots any day of the week!

On that same ironic note, here's my picture of the day of James.  I took the picture of him right after he rolled over off his tummy time mat to send to grandparents, the second after I snapped it, he spit-up all over the carpet.  Won't be the last time I'm sure.

To further the point that I am indeed a Redneck Woman, Molly got in a dog fight today.  I was showing off James to one of our neighbors while enjoying the 76 degree sunshine and Molly and the neighbor's beagle, Chloe, got tangled up in a fight. Molly even has a battle wound on her snout.  Being the great dog mom that I am, I didn't even notice she had a bite mark until a good four hours later.  I'm hoping this means she felt she needed to protect James and actually loves him because she mostly ignores him everyday.  I did get two pictures in the past few days of her in semi close proximity of him.

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Dee Stephens said...

Poor Molly!! I can't believe she ignores him.
Who knows what Buddy will do if we ever have a child. He might freak! Hope her snout recovers :)