That's What Friends Are For

I'm lucky enough to have one of my best friends and mommy mentor extraordinar live just down the road. Literally we both live off the same road.

We were lucky enough to have one of our other good friend come up to visit last weekend, I was excited because I was finally in the mommy club and all our kiddos got to hang out. Well, James really just hung on me since he's still getting the hang of holding his head up-ha!

It was fun to be around all the craziness of all our kids, to watch daddies be daddies, and just be 'grown up' with the girls I grew up with.

So excited to have my first mommy friends picture with Jen and Gwen. I'm also excited that our girls beach weekend will now be family beach weekend-yay!

It was an awesome day, but I was toast after a few hours of fun. Cuddling with my little man.




Dee Stephens said...

How fun to finally be in the club!

KatiePerk said...

Love your necklace! And that is great that your crew all has kiddos!!

Ruth said...

What a fun weekend. And I think it still counts as James's first play date