Instead of a sparkling "push present" I went the more practical route and asked for a new sofa and the new iPad. Both I use everyday.

I've been blogging more frequently due to the latter gift and my new mommy insomnia. I'm probably the only new mom whose baby sleeps 11 hours a night, and I only get 4-5. I'm working on an earlier bed time for myself.

I'm loving the iPad and agree with my friend Barbie who said they should be issued to every nursing mom at the hospital. At first I struggled with the use of my "I" gadgets around James, but feel I've found a happy medium of using my phone and tablet after he has conked out. And I'm either reading blogs or looking up something for him anyway.

My favorite apps are Blogys, using it now to write this post. I also love Perfect RSS reader to read all my fav blogs. Red Stamp is for iPhones, but I'm obsessed with it, a quick casual TY note, thinking of you etc, I'm obsessed!

Of course Facebook is used often, but I've just been using pinterest's website vs an app...

We actually got his and hers iPads, so Josh has gotten us some neat gadgets, like a drive to load the pictures from our Nikon, lickety split. Now I need to start using the nice camera and finishing reading mamaratzi so I can take some decent shots.

I downloaded iPhoto, but not amazed by it yet...

Josh loves flip book (I told him about it first, but he didn't like it until a coworker showed it to him, of course.

What are other apps I should be trying out?



Dee Stephens said...

Love Red Stamp too! I don't have an Ipad..just Iphone

Lexilooo said...

I love Instagram and PaperdApp lately!

Absolutely Fabulous said...

I couldn't find Blogys on the app store :(

Stink Bone Jones said...

Oh boy, Instagram is instapad on the iPad & so addicting! I also love PBS, the Today Show, & Netfljx when I miss the morning news & live to settle in with a movie or documentary. I don't care for the Pinterest app so I just view through Safari