Freezer Meals

Getting ready for baby, meant getting prepping some food for us to eat post baby.  While Josh was home over the holidays he helped me cook up a storm and we have a stocked freezer to prove it.  Thanks to my BFF Pinterest I was able to make a Freezer Meals Board and pin away all the recipes I wanted to make.  Here's what we have waiting on us:

Breakfast was truly inspired by Southern Living, the January issue had a great looking recipe for Applesauce Muffins with Strussel Topping, which were as good as they look! 

While on the site, I searched for a banana bread recipe and found one that involved cream cheese and peanut butter (of course we added a bag of chocolate chips for good measure).

I also made my mom's Deviled Ham Quiche which I don't have on my pinterest board.  It's a favorite of mine and I'm looking forward to heating up a slice or two.

For lunches and dinners we are stocked up on
Chicken Divan, I have loved this a long long time.  I added more lemon juice than this recipe called for.

Paula's Wild Rice and Shrimp Casserole - a recommended recipe from favorite mommy blogger, Kelly

We are really looking forward to these Butternut Squash and Spinach Stuffed Shells which lead to a discussion on if lasagna or stuffed shells were easier to make - the jury is still out.

We also made Pesto Chicken Stuffed Shells, but added broccoli a la Kate

Asian Turkey Meatballs were such a hit, most were eaten instead of frozen - boy were they good!

I also made a few different batches of enchiladas.  Green sauce has been a long time favorite of our and I threw a Monteray Jack/Sour Cream variety in as well.  Should be yummy!

I also stocked up on a bunch of Stouffers family entrees like lasagna, enchiladas, chicken casserole.


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Aja said...

Freezer meals were one of the best things I did before having Holder. My two BFFs had babies due three weeks after Holder was born and the church we were attending at the time didn't have "life group"-type SS classes so we only had one person bring us a meals. Freezer meals saved my sanity. Excited for Baby T's arrival!

Lauren said...

Your 2 stuffed shell recipes look Delish! You said they are posted on pintrest. I'll have to look, never been on there though I know it's the new craze. :-)

Caitlin said...

Sarah, these all look amazing! Pinterest is my favorite source of inspiration. And, of course, if you ever need a home-cooked meal when these run out please call me!! I would love to feed the Thompson family :)

PS - the nursery looks fab!

Blair @ Reasonably Swanky said...

I love freezing meals! When I worked all the time...I would cook all day Sunday and freeze everything so I wouldn't have to cook during the week.
I contacted the place I purchased my GHD from and they said it's only a 2 year guarantee. I thought it was lifetime as well..did they give me misinformation? I would love to find out b/c I hate to pay another 225 if I don't have to...