All About Baby

Our little guy hasn't arrived just yet, but we've been real busy getting ready for him these past few weeks!  I went into all out nesting mode right around Christmas.  It was perfect because Josh was home with me for 11 days and boy did I put him to work!  We made a slew of freezer meals, worked a lot on the nursery and rounded out just about all of our "must have" baby items.  We also attended a few baby classes, Dr. Appointments, etc.

Let's see, there were a few appointments with our OB practice - baby is still doing great, and I still weigh less than I did before I got pregnant.  Our third and last ultrasound-he has hair (we are wondering what color as Josh is blond and I am brunette) and was projected to weight 6lbs 14 oz at my 36 1/2 week mark - which means (as my Dr put it, I will not be having a moose-ha!).  Breastfeeding Class - Josh is still scarred and truly upset that I made him come when he could have been watching football, but I learned a lot and was glad to have him with me.  Prenatal Orientation at our Pediatrics Office- we were with 7 other couples all at the same stage of pregnancy as us, and I'm still scarred that the woman sitting next to me went into labor while we were there, but so happy with the pediatricians that we will be seeing.  Baby Care class - we learned lots of great tips and tricks and Josh changed his first diaper (on a doll) and did better than me. 

Now, I'm just getting super anxious about actually having this baby.  I honestly feel so lucky that the sorority chapter I advise has workshops and recruitment right now because that has been a WELCOME distraction.  I've had a great time with them this week, but felt really old when they were crafting this afternoon and listening to '90's music - Brittney and Backstreet Boys songs that were actually the popular songs I listened to when I was their age.  I actually remember my sisters doing Backstreet Boys dances at our recruitment workshops-he he he.  Instead of Backstreet Boys, I'll be listening to Surfing for Birthing tonight as it helps calm my delivery nerves with ocean waves and birthing affirmations. 

The nursery is well on it's way.  I'll take some pictures on our Nikon after I finish his name display (we are waiting to meet him to finalize his name), but here are some iphone sneak peeks.  Oh yes, and maybe I'll upload all the pics from my AMAZING baby shower last week!

My Pottery Barn Chair with Peter Rabbit quilt and pillow, lots of time will be spent in this chair.  

Peter causing trouble over the bed!
Gator Corner - we haven't put up the rest of the artwork yet, but these Gator prints were a priority for my husband!


Ashley said...

I love the nursery and especially the Gator corner! I'm so excited for you!

Lexilooo said...

LOVE the Peter Rabbits everywhere!

Hold out until next Tuesday...if he comes on the 24th, he will share a birthday with me!

Mama T said...

The nursery looks fabulous!!!

Virginia Belle said...

The nursery looks fantastic! It sounds like you guys are beyond prepared and will make great parents :)

Suzie said...

So excited for Mr. Thompson to arrive. I'm on baby watch!! Love the room, too! It's so sweet!

Dee Stephens said...

Checking in! Had the baby yet?