DC Baby Shower

The day after my 31st 32nd (umm forgot how old I was there) birthday, my mom, friends Christy and Jen hosted a baby shower for me.  It was soo cute and so much fun!  After trying to figure out where to hold it, we decided my house would be the best location.  Main reason: everyone could get a sneak peak at the nursery.  I've been to a few showers hosted at the mommy-to-be's home and getting to see the nursery has always been my favorite part, why not do the same for my friends?

The nursery is a Peter Rabbit Theme and my mom and friends decided to carry that through with the baby shower.
From the spilled cabbages on the table

 carrots and radishes on the mantle

to Peter and all his friends on the diaper cake

with the banner hanging over head
to the tea party happening on the coffee table
The Carrot Shaped Red Velvet Cake Pops (made by Jen the cake pop goddess)
and customized Georgetown Cupcakes...

They left no detail unattended.

I was surrounded by wonderful friends, who showered us with gifts galore!
crocheted football hat, Red Cross first aid kit, lots of cute outfits and my mom's sterling rattle, cup and teething ring.

Gator outfit, burts bee's gift set, funny cards, a gator sun hat, philosophy mommy pamper kit and jon jons galore!

Dr. Seuss books, cute outfits, exersauser, tummy time mat, cute cloths and swaddlers

Bibs for our sure to be messy little guy, such cute cloths and our pack n play!

Peter Rabbit shadow box, sheets, crib blanket and more books!
I had such a wonderful time celebrating baby T with my family and friends, I can't believe he'll be here any day!
With a bunch of my Phi Mu sisters - so glad I've been able to meet these wonderful ladies!

With my sweet friend and shower hostess Christy, a fellow Florida girl we became friends at a BBQ in DC, bonding over our affinity of flip flops!

With my momma, the sweetest lady in the world who is super excited to be a grandmother!

With Jamie, a great friend and co-worker of Josh.

with Nicole a fellow Gator Gal and Birthday Buddy!

with Lauren, who lives around the corner and the only person who I have ever seen that I knew at the Grocery store up here - sooo different than Florida!

Kristin and Heidi, two of my sorority sisters from Florida, who I'm so glad live here-LOVE them!

with Lisa, Betsy and Kari - Phi Mu DC Alums and Chapter Advisers with me at AU, they are a BLAST.  I can't believe I've never had a cocktail with any of them, can't wait until it's not just club soda in my cup at happy hours with them!

My sweet neighbor Anna with daughter Audrey, can't wait for warm weather, walks and play dates with these two!

with Johanna showing off our baby bumps!

with Julia- we are the chocolate and vanilla versions of each other.  One of my former co-workers who I miss everyday.

with Jen, Lacey and baby Sophia.  So glad that my long time friends and bridesmaids live up here with me.

with my awesome neighbors Megan and Jackie

My fun friend Vanessa!

My buddy Chris, I am so glad we have become such great friends.  We have a blast advising at AU and actually with just about everything we do!
I'm so lucky to have such great friends to celebrate this exciting time in our lives!

Best part of my day, I got all my thank you notes in the mail (after a trip to the post office for some additional postage and more stamps)!


I Do Declare said...

I love the mantle the best -so cute!

And, I know exactly what you mean about grocery store run-ins. Since moving to MD, I've seen ONE person I know out shopping! So strange!

Dee Stephens said...

Love this! I'm with I Do Declare.. LOVE the mantle. The carrots are awesome!

Mama T said...

What a BEAUTIFUL shower! How fabulous! You look great and I hope you are resting and relaxing in these last precious days before Baby T arrives! :)

eas said...

Your shower looks precious-I love Peter Rabbit. And you look beautiful. I also just read your post about babymoon-I stayed in that same hotel and loved it! What a great treat for you. Your newest follower!

Ruth said...

The shower looks like fun. And the cake pops are to cute.
The blue looks awesome on you.