Time Flies

When your having fun, super sick, totally preoccupied with organizing everything in your home or all three in my case.

I had grand plans of blogging a year in review and actually posting pictures of our trips to Greece, Seattle, Maine and our babymoon in Charleston, but with the baby due to be here in less than a month I've got way more important things to do. Putting all books in size order on every bookcase we own, taking everything out of cabinets and reorganizing and even labeling containers is an instinctual must right now. I've left no drawer unattended or shelf ignored. After making a few dozen freezer meals and all this crazy organizing. I can say I'm totally nesting.

So much in fact we even got rid of our storage unit. Over the past few months we've donated a household full of items to various charities. All in the name of feathering my nest!

Other than my new organizing obsession, I'm trying to overcome the second non medicated cold of my pregnancy. There's only so much a netty pot can do. I've had to turn to baby safe cough medicine this go around.

Today, I'm going to fight the urge to do more on our pre-baby check list, and take time to get spoiled and enjoy myself, that's what you are supposed to do on your birthday, right!??

I can't believe how much has changed in one years time. I won't be spending the day at Red Door like I did last year, but am looking forward to getting a few treats at the day spa down the street, lunch with my mom and bestie at Nordstroms Cafe (my favorite spot for fur coat fashion shows) some shopping for frivolous mommy items, and a nice dinner with my husband. Saturday, I'll go back to celebrating becoming a mom with all my friends at my baby shower. I'm already looking forward to washing, folding and organizing all the gifts for our little guy-weirdest obsession of my life this nesting instinct.

I'm looking forward to my special day, and getting to celebrate with a weekend full of cupcakes!

In case you were wondering what a 9 month pregnant 32 year old looks like after eating a pre birthday cupcake!

Lots of Love,



Melissa said...

Happy birthday, Mama! Have a yummy cupcake for me and take time to rest this weekend too-you and baby need the downtime : )

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Sarah -- you look beautiful with your mommy glow! Enjoy these last few days and rest up (as best you can) for your upcoming miracle!

I Do Declare said...

You look great!!! It won't be long....

Dee Stephens said...

The countdown is on!

Mindy Mann said...

Hey Sarah Beth! So fun to keep up with all of your pregnant holiday adventures, happy birthday! I know you can't wait for baby Thompson, I can't wait to meet him either! Congratulations!
love, Mindy