The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

With our little guy due to arrive in 5 and a half weeks, we decided to stay in Virginia rather than make the drive down to Florida for the holidays this year. I think we are still a bit jaded from last year when we both ended up with the flu, and were confined to the guest rooms and sofas at our parents houses instead of spending time with friends.

I'm also proud to report that thanks to some 'B' tiered prescriptions (all medicines are ranked in categories for pregnant women) I have recovered from the flu-like symptoms I've been suffering from for the past month. Just in time for Christmas goodies! You will be able to tell how excited I am to be able to eat again after reading this post.

This year we were able to spend time with friends and even family thanks to Skype.

Lacey and Michael had us over for dinner on Christmas Eve. She did a fantastic job on the table, it was sparkly and beautiful.

For appetizers we had Pate that Josh still hasn't stopped talking about, honey roasted cherry tomatoes (with fantastic honey they brought back from their trip to Italy) served with goat cheese, various olives stuffed with goodness, pistachios, and a little liquid gold. The liquid gold was this amazing aged balsamic vinegar also brought back from Italy. The small bottle was very pricy, and is referred to as liquid gold. They served it in spoons with a creamy Parmesan Cheese.

The main course was a lovely salad with homemade dressing, filet topped with lump crab and Bernese sauce, mashed potatoes, shaved asparagus and Sister Schubert's rolls for the lucky. One of the many highlights of the evening was when the basket of dinner rolls burst into flames while we were praying!

Michael saved the day, but not the rolls, they got a little soggy while he was extinguishing the flames. Dessert was the infamous Baltimore Bomb pie, which is a chess pie topped with chocolate covered cookies native to Baltimore.

We played board games and our husbands won over and over again. That's what we get for being married to the two smartest guys we know-ha! They did have the advantage that I have pregnancy brain and Lacey had lots of vino. In hindsight, I think we should have gotten a handicap for that.

Molly enjoyed sitting under their tree and the backyard.

Christmas morning was just the three (and a half) of us. We had chocolate chip waffles, hash browns, eggs and turkey bacon. Not the typical Five Meat Morgan tradition, but we are going to make up for it next year when Murphey is state side.

Josh and I had fun opening presents and just spending time together (with Molly of course).

Josh wrapping up in his blanket from his aunt.

After a few hours of Josh playing his new video games and me writing all our thank you notes (so thankful to be caught up with that), we headed over to Jen and Johns house for Christmas dinner with our friend Christy. It was so fun for Jack to show us all his presents and open a few we brought him! I also loved cuddling with baby Sophia, who as always was dressed to the nines. Jen made a fantastic Rosemary and Thyme crusted roast, asparagus, roasted carrots, Johns great-grandmothers mashed potatoes, cheesy bread and for dessert the famed eclair ring. It was amazing, and more than made up for the rum Yule Log Josh picked up on accident. Regular Yule Log, good. Highly flammable rum Yule Log, bad, very bad.

We did snap a family picture in front of their tree. This like all the others in this post are from my iPhone, one day I'll brush off the Nikon, I promise.

Hope yours was as merry and bright!

Lots of Love,



Dee Stephens said...

Too bad you didn't get a picture of the rolls! That would have been hysterical! Her table looks gorgeous!

Ruth said...

I am glad y'all had a wonderful Christmas

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Well instead of a burning bush...ya'll got burning rolls! Funny interruption of your prayer. 2012 has much joy in store for you and Josh. I'm catching up wish all by bloggy friends from Marco Island, FL. We'll be back in Virginia (freezing) in a couple of days. Wishing you a wonderful 2012!